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Here are some stories about why people became ordained through the Universal Life Church and have trained through our online seminary. They readily share their stories and knowledge to help you add to yours.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Becoming an ordained minister

Become an ordained minister
My journey started in 1982 when I was going through my first divorce and was very much down in the dumps with all that was going on in my life. I sought, and found, answers in the bible and have been a student of God’s Word ever since. In 1985 the United States Air Force sent me to Turkey and I ended up spending five years there and even married a Turk. My journey at that juncture took another turn and I felt that God was leading me to write the truth of my experiences and knowledge.

The first work was titled, God’s Forgotten Holy Land and was copyright in 1993 and I sent inquiries to literally a hundred different publishers. Receiving back about sixty five reject letters I felt the need to learn how to get into the new arena of the Internet and created my own website in 1995 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1998. I have continued to send inquiries to various publishers as my work has expanded and I continue to get reject letters. In many cases the letters provides enough information to indicate that I am an unknown entity with no credentials to prepare such work in the genre that I deal with. It became more of a game to try and figure out how I could get the recognition they desired that I have and I turned to the Internet. In 2000 I applied to ULC to become a minister and directly behind that I made submission for my Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion.

It now seems so long ago that all of this was done. I now look over my shoulder and wonder about society and mankind as a whole who must categorize others as being in such-and-such a state, position, station, etc. or have this title or that tile for them to know anything about a particular subject. Mankind seems so hell bent to remove God from any equation and that anything that pertains to God has to somehow be religious and wrong for the ordinary man. How foolish they really are and their foolishness will bring them to a very important question one day and I don’t think they are going to like the answer they will hear. One day these foolish people will stand before God Almighty and He will ask them if they would like to be in the smoking or non-smoking section and they will of course answer ‘non-smoking’ and God will tell them, “Sorry, but your actions do not qualify you for the non-smoking section!”

Please review my website for content. The address is http://www.VQPub.org . I said that I had just finished my last book, titled “The Hunters Are Here” and have enclosed a page from that book that you and others of the ULC Seminary may find interesting. I continue to seek a publisher who is serious about publishing my work and if you happen to know of an interested party please direct them toward my website and myself.

So, that (in a nutshell) is why I became a ULC minister.


Charles E. Darnell

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