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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Michael S Barth

      Metaphysical healing is a term and subject that I had heard people mentioned as they past by, but I did not know what metaphysical healing was.  There were some topics in this course that I had never considered in the past to be metaphysical healing such as past life regressions and soul retrieval.  I did enjoy reading about the instructors past in how she ended up being a metaphysical healer in South Africa.  I found it very interesting how metaphysical healers are used there.

            I learned that there is an association in South Africa for metaphysical healers.  I did not know beforehand that such associations existed anywhere.  I also did not know that metaphysical healing dealt with the human energy field.  I did know that humans gave off some type of energy because I could tell sometimes if someone was mad/angry or happy or sad.

            Chakras and auric fibers was something totally new to me.  I did not know that chakras and auric fibers existed or even how many someone had.  While taking this course, I had purchased some Buddhist peace flags and hung them in my bedroom.  During this course, I realized that each flag was a color of a chakra which was an amazing moment since I was just learning about chakra.

            Some of the other things that I learned during this course were how to center yourself before doing the actually healing and asking the person permission to enter into their energy field.  I like how the instructor mentioned that in the West, healers usually get centered by meditating or praying while in the East, healers usually use the beat of a drum.  I did not know that metaphysical healers worked with medical doctors.  I thought metaphysical healers would be competing against medical doctors for business instead of working alongside the doctors.  I did not know before that healing was balancing the energy field between body, mind, and spirit.

            This course also showed taught things I would never have guessed that a healer would have to do to heal.  Things that healers do that surprised me at first is asking a lot of background questions and medical history questions.  Other things like signing waivers was something I did not think about before taking this class.  This class also introduced me to a new way of thinking about how people can use metaphysical healing along with medicine to be healed from ailments that people suffer from.  I think this course was also one of the harder courses I have taken.  I took this course to learn more about metaphysical healing which I did, but after taking this class I learned something about myself and that is I do not think becoming a metaphysical healer is in the near future for me.  This class still was worth taking because I learned new things about metaphysical healing and know a little bit about it now.


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