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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Spirit Quest

Final Essay – Spirit Quest by Rev. Arthur Putnam
Over the last several months there has been many manifestations of new perceptions of ultimate reality all around me and within me. The course of Spirit Quest has played a important role in providing new insights and tools in the development of my embracing the new knowledge in a form of experience that has brought on a newest of my view of the every expanding universal life force we all share in.
One of my favorite tools in this course I have found most useful is the grounding cord. What an awesome tool we all have built into us once it is recognized and used in the manner it is explained in this course. I also believe it shows the inter-connectivity that we have with earth but also all of creation. Which I believe the course also bring to light the importance of the ALL of creation in this inter-connectedness of our being. When we view Life Source as the source that is not only in the things around us but also within us. That there is no separation between the individual and the Source of Creation or Life that we are empowered in many new ways of freedom and enlightenment.
Even thou the grounding cord is my favorite from this course, I also found that many of the other subjects covered also proved to be very empowering and revealing to the nature of our being. To be able to draw in the energy of the golden sun or to use the flower as tool of protection of energy you do not choose to have bombard you, is a great concept of the many things the Spirit Soul can manifest for you. 
Over all I rank this as one of the best study course I have done in some time on gifts of the Spirit that we all have, if we would only get to know ourselves and make use of them.
I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in expanding their perception of energy fields and nature of Spirit that resides with in each of us.
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