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Friday, September 25, 2009

Master of Religion

Master of Religion
Separate Church and state is the general message I'm getting from this lesson. Let us take a look at this throughout the years and discover the many times that Church and state have been acclimated together.  Jesus Himself said "Render unto Cesar that which is Cesar's, render unto God My Father that which is his."  He was saying in my mind that there will always be a Governing factor over mankind weather in a schoolyard "cowboys and Indians" playing or a countrywide lead by a Governing body.  Someone will be "elected" to be the leader of the group even if very impromptu and unofficial.  However no matter what the Governing body make certain to pay your respects to this particular body but make time for God as you can and keep Him in a special place in your mind.

Throughout the years many differing forces have tried to place either too much emphasis on a "Goodly" presence or tried to eradicate said images from monies, Pledges, club slogans etc. There will always be an influence of a religious presence within our times I believe and we should know how to keep them properly separate in our own ways each one.

The course itself has given me a vast knowledge of many considerations of Head and Heart.  Am I now truly a "Master Of Religion?"  I believe that now I have a better handle on a lot of "The Big Questions" that folks ask about some issues in their own quests.

I feel this course covered a wide area of Biblical and Worldly subjects and should be kept as a major part of the curriculum to obtain ones Graduation certificate.  This teaches one to be able to read, write and study better with the resources given as well as have opinions from fellow Seminary students and fellow forum posters to take home with them so they can broaden their own knowledge base as well as see another viewpoint.

I truly hope that as I continue on in the courses I can become a stronger force and gain the knowledge it takes to make me a better person all around.  I truly say unto you as ever to please continue to Take Care and Be Well and that all your days shall be filled with nothing but Grace, Peace, and Love.

Pastor Leo Merchant


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