Why People Become Ordained

Here are some stories about why people became ordained through the Universal Life Church and have trained through our online seminary. They readily share their stories and knowledge to help you add to yours.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ordained Minister

ULC Nigerian Minister: Danjummai
My real name is Ahmad. My father’s name is Umar. My grandfather’s name is Abdullahi. I was born Friday, 16Th, 1965 at Unguwar Shanu a Northern Kaduna suburb in the country Nigeria . I am a Muslim. My father died when I was young. Corporal Umaru Madagali died while receiving medical attention at the 44-Army Reference Hospital Kaduna after the Nigeria ’s Civil War which is known to be the war of the Unity of Nigeria. My mother’s name is Aisha. She hails fro Gora, Kano State . She raised me up, jointly with our guardian, Late Hajiya Ladin Basharu Argungu who was the financier of my early education.
There is nothing special about me. May be that I have a good memory of things spanning from when I was supposed to be a kid – things from when I was three years of age. When my father died late 1972, my family, customary of our tradition, tried to hide the news to me. When I asked why people were crying through out the day and that my mum said nothing about visiting my father at the hospital, my mother said “We’ll go to the hospital together next day.” I knew she was lying. I also knew that my father was no more. The period of the death of my father sharpened my curiosity on the matter of Afterlife. I remember when within that period we were taught letter writing in school and it occurred to me to write my father a letter where he was in what I later understood to be the limbo. Of course I had my frustration with the mailing address I was to use. I also understood how impossible it was to physically communicate with the dead. But I still went ahead to write and post my letter. I remember how silly I felt when I went to post the unaddressed letter which I knew would get stuck at the post office. I remember the body of my letter which reads: “Dear Father, how are you?  I hope you are fine.  I write to ask how you are doing.” That was my first shot on the controversial question of Afterlife, and interestingly, I dreamed of my father the night I posted my letter that he visited and took me out to a nice place and back.
There is nothing much in my adult life either.  I grew knowing that I did all sorts of low-level youthful experimentation. That was during and after my secondary education in 1983. The only credit that could probably be given to my minor-life could be the awareness of the implications of my actions. What I had was a very probing mind and perhaps the reason why I keep craving for new acquaintances or experiences, and probably why I find it easy to adapt to new or challenging situations. I used to be fond of drinking and all sorts of smoking. I remember the New Year eve of 1985. I was in a bar drinking to the approaching year with a close-friend when it occurred to me to stop drinking and engaging in things that hamper spiritual growth. We prayed to God in our drunken state and luckily my prayer was answered and I became straightened. This quite unusual touch of God on sinners made me increased my curiosity about God. I was brought up to think of sinners as the enemies of God who do not deserve His mercy. But as I later became conversant with the Qur'an I came to know that "the mercy of God encompasses all."
By the year 1988, I was a complete devotee with great sympathy to the cause of the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, plunging myself into the arena of religious or world politics, and was soon to realize afterward, after the demise of the Imam that “God is more than the Heavens and Earth can contain.” I therefore set my search beam inwards again. I devoted time searching God in the Spirit. Islam is a spiritual religion but erroneous interpretations, like in the rest of the Paths, had turned it otherwise. A Muslim must believe in God, All Revealed Books, Prophets, Angels, Jinns (Spirits), Destiny and Afterlife. I had a great fancy for stories about the spirits. Interactions between Spirits and Mankind had begun from time immemorial. A whole Chapter dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the Spirits is featured in the Holy Qur’an. Sufi or Spiritual Scholars had also rendered works on this subject. Such works became my daily companions and before time my eyes began opening to the unusual occurrence around me. I used to come back home from work and find burning incense in my room or the odor of pleasant perfumes. There was a night I came back and felt the presence of a female entity in the room. There was a time I traveled out and when back late at night realized I had forgotten my keys where I visited. I was about breaking the door but something in my mind forbade me and made me stroll outside for a little while. When back I found the keys put at the step of my door. I gradually became used to my hidden friends and worked earnestly towards formalizing our relationship. The harder I worked the faster my eyes and dream sensors were opened, and when I was able to clearly see I was fully enrolled in the Batini (Hidden) School where I did my Masters and PhD - believe it or not.

 I do remember the early days of my studies when I wanted to see the spirits with my physical eyes. I did my supplication and went to sleep. I was awoken by a tap on my shoulder and when I opened my eyes it was unbelievable. I found myself lying in a crowded beach. I sat up and watched the amazing scenario for minutes before going back to sleep. I also remember when I was eager to memorize all the faces I saw and voices I heard and my dream aid told me to just "pay attention". That was how I was taught healing and matters of the Kingdom. If I have work to do I just pop into the small world and come back with solutions – simple.
I began my healing career late 2001. Healing is cool, if not for the lonely times. When you are gifted (or ESP) you find you are lonely in the midst of a crowd. I find the Internet accommodating when I am resting. This, interestingly, was how I found online forums such as the University Of Metaphysical Sciences of which I am member and subsequently the Universal Life Church Forums which are invaluable fountains of enlightenment, where we of like minds meet to rub minds.


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