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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sir Christopher Wren

Happy Birthday Sir Christopher Wren
Today is the birthday of Sir Christopher Wren; began his life as a mathematician, astronomer. In 1661 Charles II had him appointed Assistant to the Royal Architect.1666. He credited with the rebuilding of more than 50 churches decimated by the London Great Fires of 1666. Wren designed St. Paul's Cathedral, and this is where he is buried at. Saint Paul's is said to have been his Masterpiece. Educated in Latin and Physics at Oxford. Wren is the founder of the Royal Society; his works were highly valued by Isaac Newton. Born of Christopher Wren DD, who went on to be the Dean of Windsor in 163r. Way to go Pops!

Wm. Holder was his Mentor for the Math education he received. The good Doctor Holder also married Wren's older sister Susanna. It was form Holder's intro that Wren met his mentor of Anatomy. 1650 Wren went to Wadham College, Oxford; it was at Oxford Wren met John Wilkins, at that time he served as Warden in Wadham. This is where he met the Associates that would assist Wren in forming the Royal Society The Society tended to the affairs of Scientific studies-for the betterment of al of Mankind, in general. In 1661 Wren was elevated to the position of the Savilian Professor of Astronomy. In 1669 is when he became acquainted with the Chief Architect. 1665-1723 was the Church planning period. When the London fires happened, Wren discovered thirds of the City in smoldering ashes; he set about the rebuilding process of the City of London. Nov 14 1673 Wren was Knighted, soon after the fires; he becomes a Full Member of Parliament, but never takes the seat in Parliament-oh posh! He Is the founder of the Warrant Arch. Style. The Church was started in Warrant Architectural, but Wren was not about to be Pushed Around by King and Clergy-oh no! There was no Dome 1697, still no dome, the first Service in the church is held. By now some jaws were very tight-fuming mad. Oh well, Wren is credited with the building and planning of the Royal Observatory and the Library at Trinity College at Cambridge, Wren has several Assistants on these two projects, but remain in fu control of these two projects, conception to Grand Opening.

When Charles II passed-James assumed the royal Duties and had Wren build him a "New Church" none of that Old Stuff, I want New Stuff. was said to be heard throughout the Social A list. 1696 he was appointed Surveyor of Greenwich Naval Hospital, the position he held until his passing. The Dome on the US Capitol is in the style remembered being created by Wren. Had you a fifty pound note from the period of 1981-1984, there was his picture-oh yes. The Main Hall, at College of Wm. & Mary, here in the US-yep called Wren Hall; now there is a How Do. The simple inscription on Wren's head stone reads in English translated from Latin:

Reader, if you seek his memorial – look around you.

The Wren Arch. Style is seen throughout all of Western Europe, with touches reaching well into the Eastern Church. > lab
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p.s.: his eldest son carried on his work until his death.


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