Why People Become Ordained

Here are some stories about why people became ordained through the Universal Life Church and have trained through our online seminary. They readily share their stories and knowledge to help you add to yours.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Online Ordination

To answer such a question I would have to give you a brief history. So, here it is. I was raised in a eccelectic home of the Christian mentality which means my parents ran the gamut of possibilities. We attended Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Christ, Baptist, Pentacostal, and non denominational. Though prior to that particular mentality, I was aware of the fact that my mother caste astrological charts and my step father referred to her as a witch, and that I had what is often termed ESP from my age group but what I call intuitive now.

Well, the stepfather who ventured into becoming an ordained minister was in fact the monster in the closet and my brother and I suffered greatly for his perversions. At 18, though deeply spiritual, and obviously wounded, I walked away from the Christian path, and into marriage with a non practicing Catholic. My brother, walked behind the bars of the prison system the same year at 15. We both sought to escape.

Over the years I found that God, or the equivalent, was consistent in all spiritual paths. One always seeks to find communion with the higher purpose, some of us call it God, others Goddess, others think that the answers lie in breaking down all measure of distraction.

I found that what I wanted, was a relationship with God...without barriers, without interpretations. I wanted to be able to KNOW this. So, in my search, I have learned much and I found myself progressivly being asked to share this information. Over time, througout the many conversations on the subject, what I gave as assistance to serve the higher path of each person began to correlate to the teachings of other ministers and spiritualists. I was surprised by this, and thought is odd. I questioned if I was simply parroting the streams of thought I had read. After careful consideration and much soul searching I realized that that was not the case. I always followed the sense of God I found prevailed in those conversations and shared what the message was from the higher ideals. And if it happened to be similar to the lesson their minister gave them, then I reminded them that the Spirit of God moves as necessary, and sometimes we need the message in varied forms before we take heed to it.

Then my mother came to visit and over about a years time in the course of many conversations, again, I shared that had I been Christian, I would have been a minister...but I could not in good conscience perpetuate one path to the exclusion of others. She returned home to find someone close to her had become a ULC minister and there we began.

Ideally I would like to offer guidance to those in need, and I do find myself wondering if perhaps visiting prisoners would not in fact be to the benefit of those feeling not quite aligned with ONE thought yet still in need of spiritual guidance and understanding. As yet I have no married anyone, and having been unemployed for the last year I have not had the financial stability to make time to search out and find the best way to visit prisoners, nor have I had the opportunity to seek out the opportunities to visit those in need at hospitals (as a minister).

Sister Ligeia

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