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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spiritual Awareness

Essay for completion of Dr. Of Spiritual Awareness
Rev. Anne Marie Brooks

The course was very well written.  It was organized and flowed well. The lessons all went together each supporting the one before and after. The course seemed to easily fit in spiritual development and psychic development. It supported very well the information I have learned in my para-psychic science. They validate each one very well. There some things already knew from previous work but there were also some aspects that went deeper than I had previously.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ideas about Karma as a teacher, and souls having lifetimes. Reincarnation allows us the luxury of learning the lessons we missed the last time around, and paying off past karmic debts.  The use of active versus passive mediation helps people know there really is no way to do it incorrectly.  The different types of mediation such as visualizations, soul trip with your guardian angel and regression mediation, which as he describes it sounds much, like self-hypnosis.  I agreed with his perception of good and evil and how important it is to know yourself.

Clairvoyance, telepathy, guardian angels and Reiki spirit guides ring true to me in that I find these perceptions in all the studying I've done. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I loved his description of the Chakras and colors as these are incorporated in to energy healing sessions I do. Once he notes that we are "child of Divine Creator", which reminded me some much of the part in the Desiderata that states, "You are a child of the Universe…"

Finding your own answers is frequently done by learning and trying other religions and he suggests the use of a mentor. From my lifetime and just plain common sense there are good people in any religion and bad people in any religion, which is why it is so important to know yourself and listen to your intuition.  You have all the answers in you if you will just listen and be aware of signs around you.

We also get guidance from spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters and animal spirit guides.  I enjoyed and appreciated his discussion on high spirits versus low spirits.  That is a point not made often enough.

In the chapters, that deal with the Laws, I will only comment on the one's I either hadn't heard of it before or disagree with or did quite "get". Most of the laws have been part of my training with either Reiki or parapsychic science. The law of cycles made sense but maybe too much. It just seemed like good old plain common sense. I didn't quite under his description of the Law Of Gender. In his explanation of the Law of God Will, I found myself thinking it was much like Albert Ellis' work on Rational Emotive Therapy. Beliefs cause filling, feeling cause behavior therefore if your belief is faulty than it is likely that your actions/behaviors will be wrong and not in anyone's best interest. The Law of Lotus didn't remind me of anything I'd read elsewhere and seemed to be vaguely described for to agree or disagree. I would have to say that all in all the laws he discusses I agree with and for the part have become familiar with in other areas of study. This made me feel good in that it validated previous learning.

The discussion on Ley lines was nice to see. He explains it well and how to protect yourself as well letting you know you can always call for help from guides, Archangel Michael and the use of a mirror. This was good information and area where I believe I can never have too many ways to help people know how to protect themselves if necessary. He explains Kundalini , prana, the I AM presence in terms that are easily understandable and again fit nicely with other teachings I've had. In the chapter, in which he discusses the 7 rays, their colors etc. was much like the chakras. His description of how each ascended master is associated to each color and virtue was the perfect way to wrap up the course. Although I knew a lot of this before the course I learned so much more and I must add I love the way he writes. It is down to earth and often quite humorous.


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