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Monday, March 02, 2009

Spirit Quest

The Spirit-Quest Discourse is an excellent course for either beginners or those who are more advanced. I found this course an excellent refresher course, with new insights that I had not thought of before. I can not say that it taught me a lot as much of the information within the course I had already learned through other courses of study, through reading and surprisingly some things I just knew. 
One of the main things I liked about this course and that is all lessons, is your assignment of the week. It is one thing to learn or read each topic but another to apply what you learn, I found each weeks homework assignment to be very helpful in incorporating many of your suggested exercises into my human journey. Many of these "homework" assignments I have found helpful in my personal dealings and in my work as a spiritual counselor and instructor. 
I have used some of your techniques while working with some of my students and with those that I am counseling, and they found them helpful as well.
Spirit-Quest is definitely an extensive course that I will be constantly referencing as I have learned over the course of my years of study and throughout my own journey that often times we read things one time and find things we need to know, read it later and new things appear.
Protection Rose
Tools For Getting Unstuck Part 1 and 2
Creating Your Own Reality Pt 1 and 2
All in all the course was extremely well written, easy to understand and with the assignments each week one could begin to apply each lesson into their own life's journey.

Rev. Joyce Chandler


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