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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Universal Life Church

Universal Life Church
Blessed Day to you Sister Amy,

I am thrilled that I have finally been able to enroll in ULC's Doctor of Religious Humanities course. I ordered it last night and eagerly await the material so I may get started. It's been over a year and a half since becoming Ordained and I feel Blessed at finally being able to financially afford this (and two more courses later!!) as one of my father's last wishes. I was elated that he had made a small fund available to me for the sole purpose of enrolling in ULC courses. Even though he was a devout, ordained Evangelical Pastor, I was honored to get his verbal blessing for this only days before he passed. It was an awesome gift that we were able to share our individual beliefs with each other without any condemnation or "right way" speeches he was so famous for in the past. Our communing in this manner is the best, and most honored, gift I have ever received from him or my parents. I even look past it being so late in his Life and will cherish this for the remainder of mine.

Anyway, I suppose I digress due to my light heart and fulfilling experience!

I recently found the ULC message boards and have spent hours reading the posts and that way getting to know some of our Membership. I knew this segment of communication was there, I simply neglected getting to involved until I could contribute more and was able to enroll in some sort of course within the ULC educational channels. I have benefited greatly from the course samples you have faithfully sent me and truly appreciate that opportunity to participate.

I believe I informed you awhile back that it was Dr. Hensley's little church on 3rd Street in Modesto that turned my life around some 30 years ago. I plan on writing a short introduction/bio including this little tid-bit for the Membership soon. I do truly enjoy the message boards and find it a wonderful means for members to fully explore any given topic. The MSN group my wife and I formed was great when everyone got together on PalTalk, but the message boards always seemed to be where we got into the meat and potatoes of any issue as we were able to respond at will.

Attached is a little piece of artwork I was inspired to draw up last night and I would like to offer it to the ULC Membership as a customary thing I do. Naturally it is offered copyright permissions granted and free for all ULC members to use, download or copy. While Wanda and I lived on Maui I spent a great deal of time with local artists, shaman and healers. There is a simplistic beauty in Polynesian art and I genuinely put my mind and heart into learning the make up of this medium.

The picture for ULC is representative of the bounty of the Earth (aina) the blessings of the sky and sun (ka) and the many wonders of the sea (kai) and how important our belief in Spirit (mana/manau ke nui) is towards living a fulfilled and joyous Life. The wind bars send us towards a blessed future and the enclosure line represents our community of good folks which "Do only that which is right".

 I didn't want to just post it without running it by someone on staff first and to be honest I'm a bit "new fangled thang challenged" when it comes to more than copy and paste! So if you wouldn't mind please offer this up to the Membership on my behalf (My Thanks in advance) .....ORRRRR......you could get Murph or someone that knows what's going on to help me do it the first time (I am a quick study and I usually only need one or two lessons on such things. And of course, if you feel its best I don't poet it at all, I completely understand and respect ULC's regulations (if there are some) on these type requests.

Blessings of Peace and may your Path be filled with Light,

Dave "Rev. Al" Kjono

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As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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