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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spiritual Awareness

Insights into Awareness course; essay
By: Rev. Frank L Ducharme
  Although I have read the book Celestine Prophecy some time ago and found it very inspiring, this course detailed step by step each insight that brings a new level of understanding. I have found this to be very enlightening and reaffirming to my practices and beliefs. I can say I have truly enjoyed this course and looked forward to each and every lesson. This course was not only a learning experience but a lesson of growth and development.
  To slow down and put the habitual repetition of every day life aside for a moment and pay attention to the subtle signs that are easily missed. The signs and guidance are there we just need to open ourselves to see and accept them. We need to trust ourselves and trust what we feel and act upon what our instincts tell us not how we are conditioned to react. We must retrain ourselves not to get caught up in life's daily routines but to experience life and the world around us to better see all it has to offer.
   There are times we should think of our selves but we must also think of how we all affect each other, How our own actions affect the others around us and future happenings. One action or reaction can affect so many and how others may act or react in future situations. Every conversation no matter how mundane it may seem hold a message and has meaning, We need to pay attention to every thing that takes place in our daily lives because some ware sometime it may have a greater meaning or a lesson we need to learn. One may see a particular situation as a bad experience but we needed it to take place for one reason or another to learn from and break the cycle.
  I was born into a Roman Catholic home as was my father and grandparents, my mother however was raised protestant and had what I would say different views. Upon entering school I went to a private Catholic school from first grade to eight having religious classes on almost a daily bases. Some ware between fifth and sixth grade I started to realize the contradictions I was being taught and started questioning what the priest and nuns were saying and teaching and believe me that was not what you were suppose to do. Throughout my teenage years to early adult life I searched for a belief system that I could wrap my head around, something that made sense and I could wrap my head around. At almost thirty I began a serious study of Wicca and the Pagan ways and things began to make sense. It is a belief and an ever evolving practice that encompasses what I have felt for so much of my life and is a way of growing that does not restrict or control.
   Whether we realize it or not all of us thrive on energy, Energy from the center of the universe. We as humans have ways of sucking that energy from one another, one such way is threw conflict and control. Those who constantly try to control every one they come in contact with, who dominates every conversation are generally insecure in one way or another. Some ware in there lives they are not in control at all and so every ware they go the may feel the need to control every aspect and by doing so they will suck the energy from every one they come in contact with. Another method of control is seen threw conflict, some people feel or believe they can only gain power and control threw conflict and manage to drain the life power from others until there is nothing left. Once you realize that you don't have to control others to get the power you require, that by fowling the principles of the insights you get all the power you need naturally life become so much simpler and easier to navigate, you can be truly happy and at ease.
   Once we realize that the energy we thrive on can be obtained from some ware other than the people around us, that the universe itself has all we need and its there for the taking we just need to learn how to accept it. We need to take care of our selves by diet and exercise, and slow down a bit to enjoy the sights sounds and savor the tastes that we encounter on a daily basis. Through meditation and relaxation we can relieve the daily stress and focus on the positive energy. For if we can put forth positive energy and keep a positive attitude then we can affect everyone we encounter in a positive way and keep the positive flow of energy flowing around us. We also need to pay attention to each and every interaction we have on a moment by moment basis to see and realize what each conversation means, what message is their for us. Every experience we have on a moment by moment basis happens for a reason, we need to pay attention and learn from our experiences in order to evolve into a higher being. If we can affect more and more people we encounter with positive energy and a positive attitude and teach them to do the same, imagine the ripple effect it can have on society and how the world could change.
  We are all here on earth for a purpose, to experience everything that occurs throughout our lives for a reason. To encounter everyone we meet in our lifetime on purpose, there are no chance encounters or coincidences we actually chose our entire life's journey at the moment of birth. We choose our parents and family and friends to shape our life's experiences so we could learn and feel what we needed in order to evolve to the next level for the next time around. Each life we choose what we need to experience in order to learn from those encounters. Each and every time we choose what we need in order to proceed for the next time we are born. When we succeed in learning what we need we will then advance to the next level of existence.
  At this point in our history, we are not yet at the point of soaring as the eagle, but rather we are still caught up in the good versus evil. Our world is in chaos. Our leaders are ineffectual, religion has lost its purpose and that a great transformation is nearing. The transformation is not the result of a mythical "second coming," but rather must stem from the higher thoughts of man; a man that reconnects mentally with the center of all that is in order to break our cycle of destruction and ignorance. The time is getting close and, as the Hopi have said, "it is we who we have been waiting for." Higher human consciousness is attempting to break, alter, or change the current cycle.  A cycle filled with ruinous dogma, fear, greed and confusion. Humanity is approaching a moment in time where he can consciously choose his next evolutionary step.
  A great vibratory train is headed straight for us and that we must choose to either stay in its way or to get off of the track. If there is disaster, it will be because we stayed on the track. As with Nostradamus, the Book of Revelations and other prophecies, we are given the tools, in the form of a largely pictorial code, to raise our awareness, our vibration and our very nature above the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.' It is time to look deeply into the tools and images that been offered as a gift to our time and learn the true revelation of their inner meanings.
   "The return of the Goddess and all of her wisdom."
  Once we transform into multi-sensory beings we will then see the beauty in everything and everyone. We can then look past the inabilities and disabilities and see the true abilities and potential. To recognize our intuitions and senses and true abilities and trust out gut feelings to guide us. Prophecy, telepathy, and clairvoyance will be accepted and taught as the norm. We will then be whole again.
  The methods and activities set forth in this course are not necessarily a new concept but very important for awareness and self growth, and so simple. It is so very easy to get caught up in life's challenges and the daily routine, one needs to take the time for yourself ; reflect and keep in touch with the energy around us. Everything we need to continue growing and evolving is their we just need to recognize and utilize it.
Blessed be to all
Frank L Ducharme


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