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Friday, August 28, 2009

Spirit Quest

Essay for Dr of Metaphysics        

         The Disappearance of Metaphysics

Metaphysics, why metaphysics?  Metaphysics, the place where the supernatural meets the natural, the spirit meets the physical "the rubber meets the road".

When we were young, in our evolution or personal growth, we look at the world around us and noticed if we did this that would happen. As we grew older we became aware, if we didn't get it, whatever that was, food, shelter, acceptance, or some material satisfier, we had a growing feeling of scarcity which led to physical discomfort, emotional insecurity or even death, this created or was created by the feeling of fear. We began to try to fix the feeling of fear by trying to take, bargain for, and make things. In our quest for things we begin to recognize that there is some sort of set of rules that governs out come. We notice if we do things the "right way" our experience will become more pleasing and that knowledge of what the right way is will help us with the out come desired. This gives rise to the notions of right and wrong, justice, knowledge and ignorance, and beauty and ugliness, (pleasing as opposed to dis-pleasing) esthetics, the rise of the law.

Through our growth we have noticed that there are forces that act on us and our world, which seem to be inexplicable but inevitable. We call these things Gods, God, Goddess, Spirit, the super natural, and fearfully begin to try to relate to, understand and gain further control of our out comes. We devise rites and rituals make sacrifices, to placate and cajole our intent to gain control and get what we desire. If the out come is not as we expect. We are driven to further questioning of what is going on, how do we fit in, and who are we really? Thoughtful introspection and contemplation lead to meditation; now we are beginning to get somewhere. Either little by little or in a flash our consciousness stills and our awareness elevates or we begin to get insight into our true nature and the nature of our world. When we first see the light we are aw-struck but then realize that there is nothing there, but pure potential so we venture back into the recognizable world where we are somebody yet with a new understanding to explore and build on.

In the mean time there is another side of us that claims to be more rational and does not believe in this hocus-pocus, in its quest for who and what. It has devised another way of looking at things based on closely scrutinizing the external world experientially, by experiment and trial and error to find out what, who and how, with the same intention to gain control. This is the method of science.

What it comes down to at the present is both science and the spiritual world have agreed the universe and all that is in it is energy, this includes what we perceive to be material, and that thoughts control what we perceive, feel and manifest in some sort of cyclic fashion. This gives us the simple concept, if we change our thoughts we change our world.
 So what is stopping us? Two kinds of thought create feelings and perception that limits or negatively impacts our out comes. One, we think and feel we don't deserve it and the other which is probably an extension of the first, we don't possess the ability or are not good enough. (Who told us so?)

For thousands of years there have been people that have been aware of and possessed this understanding but word of mouth travels slowly and this kind of information scares others that have tried to suppress this understanding. With the rapid and growing dissemination of information in the world this concept and techniques that support and facilitate are beginning to abound. This course was one of many variations on the theme of how to create miracles or manifest what we desire.        
Most basically:

1.      Get into a meditative state
2.      Notice what you desire
3.      Notice the nasty little dark voice and feeling that tells you, "You can't".
4.      Use a technique to clear and rid yourself of that naysayer.
(There are plenty of different approaches out there. Some seem to work on some things and some work well on others, so I suggest get good arsenal.)
5.      Develop a strong intention, visualization (include all the senses) and feeling (emotion, sense of excitement in the present, "already happened".
6.      Take action don't just sit and wait. Unless of course that is what is called for.
7.      Let it go.
8.      Be in the moment and grateful for whatever is there.
9.      Repeat the full process as necessary.

At some point we will come to know these things as naturally as riding a bike and the supernatural will becomes natural and metaphysics disappears.
Just imagine? What you would do if there were no limits, challenges or obstacles?         
  Rev. Gene Rapalyea


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