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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Master of Paganism
Final Essay
Rev. Barry Deel

            The masters of paganism course, was a very basic course that only just scratches the surface of paganism.  I found the course to be very informative without being over bearing.  The information presented was very good and I liked how the author continued throughout the course to allow people their free will to decide for themselves what they liked or disliked.  I have been a pagan all of my life and found this to be the most important thing.  The explanations and definitions, I found were right on track and the presentation was very much like what you would find in a 101 class.  Even the information pertaining to the "Great Rite" was a surprise considering that there are so many different view points on this subject.  The historical information and the ritual practice example of the "Great Rite" were excellent as well as the symbolic information.  I even like the fact that the author of the course included a lesson on the runes and how to utilize them for guidance and to gain insight as to which direction you may be heading in your life.
            I found that the information presented in the paganism course to be quit diverse and as close to all encompassing as one could ever in a general tutorial about a subject that is so wildly different and varied from one individual to another.  The information and assignments just added to and complimented each lesson and the course itself.  I found myself going back into my old notes, books and information that I have gathered and formulated, adding information and removing information that no longer applied to who and what I have become over the years.  This course was a prefect match for me and the Master of Spiritual Awareness course that I was taking at the same time.  I would suggest to anyone who wants to know about paganism in general to take this course.   Paganism is such a widely misunderstood path of spirituality due to the fact that each person has free will; to pick and choose what they feel is right for them. 


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