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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Four Gospels

Course Title: The Four Gospels
Written By: Sabrina Harrell

The Gospel According to Matthew:
The book of Matthew  is the "Good News" Gospel.  Matthew the tax collector who's name was Levi was a great minister for God because of what he had done for him, concentrated on the words Jesus spoke- accusing words, comforting words, and motivating words. He also told of how his teachings grow out of Old Testament scriptures.  Matthew also introduces Jesus to the Jews who was the new Heir to the throne after David and Jesus came on the scene apparently not in the way that the people expected they expected someone wrapped in fine clothes and money falling out his pockets but what they got was a humble man with great God strength, power, anointing, and healing hands and wise sayings about the Kingdom of God. Matthew also focused on his geneology from Adam to David and then came Jesus.  Matthew picks up where the Jewish bible leaves off Malachi closes the Old Testament with a promise: God will send a Messiah to fix Israel's problems and bring peace and joy to the people. Matthew opens the New Testament by declaring that this promise from centuries past is now fulfilled: The Messiah has come at last.
The Gospel According to Mark:
Mark's Gospel is unique. It is not a biography of Jesus  like Matthew or Luke for it does not dwell on Jesus family history or career.  Instead this Gospel is a record of Jesus actions and achievements. It presents Jesus as a Savior-King, who conquers demons, disease, and death.  Mark presents the miracle working Jesus not the teaching Jesus.  The emphasis on Jesus mighty and miraculous works makes this Gospel action-packed, fresh, and vivid. 
The Gospel According to Luke:
The Gospel of Luke is the one Gospel that has a sequel, Acts.  Both Luke & Acts include an account of the Ascension, an event that only Luke describe in detail.  This gospel provides a unique perspective on Jesus' birth, ministry, death, and resurrection.  Luke never met Jesus yet he chose to follow him.  An obvious educated man who was a physician who sat back and observed "The Great Physician".  Luke learned all that he could about Jesus and shared his findings with us. Without Luke's letters to Theophilus we'd be missing

1. A Christmastime favorite-the story of baby Jesus lying in a manger
2. the parable of the Good Samaritan
3. The widow who donated her last mite
4. the parable of the prodigal son
Luke is the longest due to a wide variety of miracles, teaching and parables making it the fullest portrait of Jesus ministry.  Luke is the only Gospel addressed to an individual "Theophilus" a gentile believer who needed some encouraging words so Luke wrote his Gospel to reassure Theophilus that God was still at work in the Christian community founded by Jesus. Luke's story isn't just good news for the Jews, it's great news for everyone.
The Gospel According to John:
The Gospel of John makes a "Read This First" claim like you get when you about to eat something or buy something that's good or bad for you.  It is the only book in the bible that states it's purpose clearly and succinctly: It was written to tell individuals how to find eternal life. John writes with only one purpose: to prove the deity of Jesus. John reports only Seven miracles which he calls "signs" evidence that Jesus is God's divine Son.

1. Turns Water into Wine
2. Heals an official's son without even going to see  him
3.  Heals a Crippled man on the Sabbath
4. Feeds 5,000 people with the best fish fry in America
5. Walks on Water
6. Heals a man born blind 
7. Raises Lazarus from the dead

Among others but these are the ones that John called signs. John  adds some of the most famous stories and teachings in all of the bible-not the least of which is  John 3:16, "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."


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