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Monday, December 07, 2009

Dr. of Metaphysics

Final Essay Dr. of Metaphysics
By Rev. D.E.
I finished this course several months ago and due to some changing circumstances in my life I had to put off writing this essay.  As I reviewed the course material and reflected on the past few months I was surprised at how I had been using the ideas taught in this class.  I would like to first thank Universal Life Seminary for accepting this fine course.  I would also like to thank Rev. Loretta Siani for all the work that went into putting a course like this together.
Several years ago I had a skiing accident and spent time in the emergency room being treated for a very bad dislocated shoulder.  I was given a drug that should never be given following morphine, my breathing stopped.  During this time I experienced what I now know was a death experience.  I was in a place that I can only describe as peaceful and painless.  In the distance I saw my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and a Sister that was still born.  Also there was a friend who I had been with during his death.  It was a place that I did not want to return from.  A voice called out my name and said D. it is time to go back.  I was arguing with this voice and the voice said, I have something for you to do and you must go back.  From that moment on I had an inner peace and my life was changed.  I changed careers and became an Instructor of Business classes at a local business college and now an ordained Minister and  Pastor of a small Church.
The one thing that I didn't have to do in studying this course was to have a shift in thinking to benefit from this material.  If everyone who takes this course does it with an open mind and can come away with an inner peace, they will surely benefit themselves and those that they serve in their ministry.  They will begin to create miracles when they share the love.
For the season of Advent this year I choose a four week series on "Imagine Peace."  Of course everyone in the Church thought it would be a series on peace in the world.  Yes, that is the overall purpose of this series but peace begins within.  Rev. Loretta's course offers so much material on how this peace can be achieved by putting ones self in a miraculous state of mind, as she states in the beginning of Lesson 6.
As I stated above I had some circumstances that developed as I was finishing the course and wasn't able to write the essay immediately and just now getting the essay written.  The material in this course was a great help in approaching a very difficult task.  It was only through meditation and approaching the decision through love and forgiveness that I was able to handle this situation.   Thank Rev. Loretta. 
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