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Monday, March 01, 2010

The Lost Scriptures

This is the continuation of my essay on the Master of Religion series.

 The lost scriptures.

 Not being a theologian it is hard for me to get into huge detail about this lesson.

 Several years ago I picked up a copy of the Apocrypha which is the old testament books that were left out for whatever reason.

 Probably due to lack of proof it was scripture.

 What I noticed about the common denominators between the Old Testament and the New Testament is that they both share promises of Christs first and second coming and both sides of the Bible are invitations for lost man to return to God.

 However when I read this lesson I was kind of annoyed. It is no different than the media censoring what news we do and do not see.

 The biblical scholars and theologians in all of their wisdom have decided for us what is and is not worthy of cannonizing as scripture.

 I believe the scriptures that are not included in the bible should be readily available in book stores and churches so we can make our own informed decisions on
 what God has to say to us.

 I am however confident that God has the ability to protect and preserve his word. It is after all what many prophets have lived and died for and even one book in the bible is enough information by itself for a church to thrive on.

 I have heard it said in some countries where the church is persecuted that the members have a bible with all the books pulled apart and each home takes a turn with one or two of the books. So Gods word is powerful and efficient in even small doses if we pray for Gods wisdom.

 The Trinity.

  This is a huge subject and I am glad this lesson covered it.  I have noticed a lot of churches are scared off by this topic and even a lot of my friends think it is off limits to debate.

  The thing is that the word trinity does not exist in the bible and if the issue of the 3 aspects of God described in the Bible must be addressed then this is how I see it. "Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one," found in Deuteronomy 6:4.

  We are dealing with one God with 3 aspects he has revealed to us. He is a Father to us and his holy spirit would be his driving force or his will.

  In the bible such as in Judges when it says the spirit of God stirred in Samson the very will of God came on him to do Gods work.

  When Mary conceived of the Spirit of God she conceived of the will/the purpose/the driving force of God. A part of God came into this world to take away from men what we could not do through the law (as good as it was it was imperfect in our hands) and God took over the sacrifice through  Jesus which is Gods word made flesh.

  How many parts or dimensions of God are there? I believe there is much more to God than we have been shown, but God has shown us enough to love him an  to come to him. Anything beyond that would probably not be conducive to producing the salvation God desires.
  But this lesson was still good in showing the history of the trinity and how it got started. This is one of the lessons I plan on going into further.
  As for the other lessons I will have to continue on them later.

 Thank you. Colin Burgess.


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