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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Four Gospels

Four Gospels course
I really enjoyed this chapter. It still fits in this world a lot some people just get baptized today because they think that it is what they are expected to do. It really doesn't mean to them what it should. Sometimes it is just for show and doesn't change the persons heart at all. When really it should be a life altering moment. It changed me forever.

                                    The new cloth on an old cloak and old wine in an old wine skin. Of course still applies today. Some people just can not change. But I believe that everyone has some good in them and if there is a glimmer of hope that God can enter into your life anyone can change. Because he is most powerful and almighty and if you let him in he will change your life.
                                 Jesus was given the power by God to forgive. Jesus is God's son and he was given God's power while here on earth . God did this so that all of us  would know that he is and that he is all powerful. Jesus was sent here to show God's children that he is and that he loves us.
             About the journey back home. That definitely applies to today because everyone who goes back home for a visit is judged. People are just naturally curious and judge mental.
                                When Jesus tells us that what we put into our mouths doesn't matter, it is what comes out of our mouth that matters. I think this is one of this strongest statements in the Bible. Because God is not going to judge you for what you eat , or drink, or how dirty your hands are when you eat. What comes out of your mouth comes from who you are. It comes from your heart and soul that is much more important.
                   Staying true to your beliefs is very much a part of today's world. In today's world there are so many different belief systems being taught, and so much pressure on a person for what they believe that it is hard to stay true to your beliefs. But if you have faith and you have God and Jesus in your life, really in your life. It shouldn't be hard to stay true.

This chapter was interesting. I have read the Bible probably about 5 times and reading it slower like this makes a difference. It really makes you think and compare the times. Jesus did not want them to talk about him and his miracles because he did not want the praise and recognition for him. He wanted it for God his father. Unfortunately today everyone wants recognition for themselves even when they are trying to teach about God.
                                    Barriers in this life are just tests but you have to do your best to make it throughout them with your faith still intact. Because they really do mean nothing in the long run. But sometimes in the world we live in today they make us stray so far from our faith that we get lost.
                        Divorce and Marriage are both taken way to lightly in today's world. People take these vows not understanding the true meaning of them. When you marry you join your life to theirs until death do you part. So you should take your time and be sure of what you are doing. You make that vow to yourselves and witnesses and God and it should not be taken lightly.

Divorce sometimes is necessary. But not just because you are tired of being married. Marriage is hard there is nothing about sharing your life that is easy. But you should consider that before you take that step. Then when you do you should do everything in your power to keep your vows not just give up when things get a little tough.
                   Jesus tell us that God worked through him when he did the miracles. God still performs miracles today through others because he can. He is the almighty and he can do anything. I have had so many miracles in my life I do not think I could even list them all.
                I do believe what goes around comes around in today's world. There is so much hatred and anger in this world it is so unbalanced. We need more joy and love and the only ones that can change that is us. So we all need to wake up and start changing what we don't like.
                 The lesson of the drummer boy is so great we don't see much of this anymore. Everyone should give more . But people don't appreciate it and we don't want to be hurt so we just don't try.
                          The story of Judas is so much a part of today's world. Everyone stabs everyone in the back. It is hard to find anyone who is trustworthy at all even family. People are out today for themselves and they just don't care about what their actions cause.
                     When God was angry at the crucifixion of Jesus.Then people believed
  their was physical proof. They believed that the crucifixion angered God and he did all of the destruction. They could see it so it scared them into believing. People are doing this again today because of all of the natural disasters. They believe that the end is near and God is doing all of this so they are starting to believe again. God needs you to believe because he has told you that he is. His son came and told you that he is. He sent many men before him that told you he is . He had them write the Bible to teach you of what he expected. But still we need physical proof. I have no doubt in my Father in heaven and I need nothing to prove to me that he exists. But everyday I get signs that he does and it just strengthens my faith even more.


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