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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spiritual Awareness

Master of Spiritual Awareness Essay by Rev. Alicia Gamble

This course was one of the best I have taken. I don't think there was anything I didn't like about it. It was written in a beautifully easy to understand way. The exercises were enjoyable as well as helpful. In fact, the whole thing was so good I don't know if just answering the questions can do it justice, but I will give it a try.

The first insight is about awakening, realizing that there are more than just the five senses and the physical world.

When we adopt the first insight into our present lives we start to realize that there is much more going on around us than meets the eye. If we start to pay more attention to the coincidences that happen in our lives we can start to see (and feel) something much bigger than us and our individual lives operating in the universe. What we once thought of as "blind luck" or "mere coincidence" is now seen (and felt and known) as meaningful divine assistance. The more we pay attention to the coincidences and synchronicities that happen in our lives, the more they occur and allow us to grow further spiritually.

The first insight for me was just confirmation of what I have always felt. For as long as I can remember I have always questioned and looked for the truth and reasons behind everything. I have always had an insatiable need for
knowledge and to understand everything. Before I could even read I was fascinated with religion and peoples beliefs especially about God. As I grew this continued, for years I researched all different religious texts, and questioned people of all faiths but I never fully got the confirmation for what I felt deep inside of me. Finally, I simply "asked" to be led to the answers I was seeking, I just asked for help. Oddly enough, it was instant and in the form of a coincidence and everything has opened up from there.

The fourth insight was of particular interest to me as I have seen how people steal energy literally and through control repeatedly on an individual level. Though I saw what happens and how I didn't realize the immensity, nor full meaning until now. This insight shows that people treat each other in such violent manners all for the competition of energy. I have seen it time and again all because people don't realize they are fighting for human energy which does not and cannot ever provide the sense of completeness that people really hunger for. The only way to get that is from a connection with divine energy.

In order to begin to open up and share positive energy with others one must learn to tap into the universal energy. To do this we need to be able to surrender our need for control and open ourselves up. Then we need to be able to realize the feeling of being filled up. When we open ourselves up and we can receive energy, coincidences and all of the gifts from the universal intelligence start to flow more easily to us. Only then can the oneness of body, mind and spirit be found. Once we get to the point where we can feel real divine love (which is different than the earthly love we are used to) then through will alone we can send the energy back.
The main lesson for me in the seventh insight is to really pay attention. It is being fully present and watching what is going on in the environment around me, my thoughts and my interactions with people. To really be aware of these while staying connected and feeling and being love and the universal energy. To watch for people and things in the environment that seem to "shine" just a little brighter. To expect coincidences and for people to bring the information and/or answers I desire because we get all the answers and information we need from others. Which means it is especially important to be connected when dealing with people so we, and they, can receive what we are supposed to from each other.

Of particular interest is the fact that humans will change from the five sensory beings of today to the multi sensory beings of the future. Five sensory beings live very much in the physical world feeling very detached and alone because they, for the most part, are limited to the five senses (taste, touch, smell, feeling and hearing) as their sensory experience of the world. Whereas, the multi sensory beings we will/are becoming know that we are never alone, we are all part of the whole and that we all share in the creation of the physical world for our learning and growth. They understand that the intention behind every action creates its effect, that intention affects others as well as ourselves and that the effects of the intentions are not limited to the physical world. Five sensory beings on the other hand, do not perceive the effects of intentions, to them, the effects of actions are physical and do not always affect themselves or others.
In the next millennium we will be looking at a completely different way of life. We will see things like forests being left to grow and mature into powerful energy centers which people will live among or by, while tending to beautiful gardens. Things like food, Shelter and transportation will be automated and available to all, with no need for currency, overindulgence or laziness. There will be no need for power and control as people will live more intuitively always knowing what needs to be done and when, which will work in harmony with the actions of others.

Living with and acting on intuitions will help to satisfy people's sense of purpose as they watch their destinies unfold.

People, of their own accord, will start to decrease the population on the planet. They will experience a period of deep introspection then they will begin to realize how beautiful and spiritual the natural world really is. The things of nature will be revered for the great and powerful things that they are. There will be great demand to end any economic ventures that threaten the natural world. Pollution will no longer be a problem as there will be people who will intuit alternative solutions.

As this shift happens people will begin to realize that we are here to evolve spiritually through loving action, with this understanding our vibrational frequencies will change. As people raise their vibrational levels they will fulfill the purpose of human existence – Heaven on earth, where there is no division or separation, where we are all one.

This course is a must, especially for those who are feeling the energy shift or are worried about all the 2012 hype.

We are being presented with a wonderful opportunity to reshape ourselves and our world. Instead of fearing the changes ahead we should be embracing them and spend our time and energy learning how to encourage and grow
with and into the wonderful new way of life that is emerging. I will definitely recommend this course to others as I think it is very important to get important powerful information like this out there. Thanks so much!

Rev. Alicia Gamble

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