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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wiccan Studies

I have been putting a lot of thought into what I may or may not have learned from Master in Wiccan Studies. First off, I found that the course was well written and well structured. It certainly did touch on many things that I already have been studying for some time now, and practicing. But I do think that the creators and research done on it definitely deserve a congratulations.

What I did learn, was that it certainly cemented my belief that the Wiccan and Pagan Religions are very old, and have been practiced in many ways and by many civilizations. I have found that it is probably one of the most tolerant religions, that lets the parishioner practice and alter what they need to so that they are comfortable in what they are doing and give the feeling that they are closer to the deity that they worship.

It also cemented my agreement on the fact that nether man nor woman is above mother earth. We are a part of her, and need to give back to her more than she has given to us. We also need to see that you must celebrate equality of the male and female in Religion, as in Mother Earth. I think that the main reason so many folks are stressed out and the meltdowns that happen can be traced back to a few simple aspects. That would be tolerance. If nature can be tolerant of the equality of male and females, then we must also.  The other is respect. OK, so you have heard that many times before...but go back through history...our best civilizations were the ones that respected others religions and each other.

The last, but not least important is love. If you do not love yourself, or those around you; how can you happy and stress free?

What people need to learn is that when you break down basic religious teachings, is that they are are all basically the same. The only point that differs is how it is taught. All religions have different rituals, different festivals, different deities. It is something and someone to believe in and we all have to right to worship our religion, in our own way. without persecution or judgment.  We also must learn a bit out other practices, in order to be educated.

I have tried everything that you have sent to me...some with success and some without...the ones that did not succeed will be tried again, for as you know...not everything works with the first try. Combining the courses that I have from you with the knowledge that I have gained throughout the years, has definitely put me at the next level of where I wish to go in the Wiccan Religion, and I will keep learning and growing with the Craft.

Blessed Be

Reverend Denise La Rochelle


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