Why People Become Ordained

Here are some stories about why people became ordained through the Universal Life Church and have trained through our online seminary. They readily share their stories and knowledge to help you add to yours.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The Bridal Relay
My first wedding gave me an unusual opportunity to get creative. Much to my surprise, the owner of this lovely outdoor venue "took charge" of the processional rehearsal. This being my first ever, it seemed wise to  be the observer for a moment and to only step in if necessary.
This was an outdoor wedding with a bride who had several grown sons whom she wanted to walk her down the aisle, along with her dad! Imagine standing up front as the bride proceeds up the long boardwalk with all four of her sons and her dad in tow. Time to step in. Laughing, I waved my arms and said, "Wait! It looks like the Mob is following you!" I noticed that there were fancy light posts along the boardwalk, so I instructed the sons to each take a post and wait for the bride to reach them, and then walk her to the next person, who would then proceed to the next, and so on, like passing the baton in a relay match. That way there was only one escort at a time with the bride so she wasn't lost in the crowd. Then after her dad handed her off to the groom, the brothers could all come take their places. It turned out beautiful. I have since become the preferred officiant for this venue (and I still let the owner have her part in the rehearsal, which often saves me time), so everyone was happy!
Rev. Debra Graham
North Dakota/Minnesota


As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge selection of Universal Life Church  minister supplies. Since being ordained with the Universal Life Church for so many years and it's Seminary since the beginning, I've watch the huge change and growth that has continued to happen.
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