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Monday, February 09, 2009

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Final Essay
Jessica Marshall
My life and spiritual practices have undergone some profound changes since starting the Spirit Quest course.  One of the most significant changes is the development of my meditation place in my mind.  For me this place is a large wheat field with an old oak tree in the center of the field.  I sit under or in this magnificent old tree watching the golden wheat bow in the gentle prairie winds.  In this place all my spiritual work begins, I run my energy here, I ground myself here, and I call my energy back and remove unwanted energy here.  Something I found interesting was how the tools given in this course have evolved for me over the duration of the 30 weeks.  Some examples of the evolution are grounding cords turned to roots for me.  Much like those of my oak tree, they run deep into Mother Earth and flow out from me in a wide circle.  From these roots I can expel larger amounts of unwanted energy and draw in more healing energy from the Earths center.  In the last few weeks I have begun playing with energy bubbles rather then energy suns for drawing my energy back to me.  With these bubbles I found that I can draw them right to me covering myself in them and allowing them to absorb back into my body.  I can send these bubbles in swarms to my children and others making my work as a spiritual healer easier and more effective.  Some of the tools I use the most are the manifestation tools.  I have brought to myself my spinning wheel, money to pay bills, people back into my life that meant a lot to me as a child and a wonderful friend and as I sit here composing this essay I am waiting to hear back from a job that is perfect for me and my family. 
One thing this course and other events in my life have taught me is that every moment of my life is a miracle.  Every minute with my husband, my children, my friends and family is a miracle but the most profound miracle in my life is when I manifested a cure for my cancer.  Not only am I cancer free but I have no scaring from any of the medical procedures I had to endure.  While becoming cancer free really was a profound moment it is the nothing to the miracles my preemie son has seen in his 19 months; he is walking, talking, growing so big and over coming his difficult start and that as a mother is the most moving miracle ever.  Holding my 17 year old dog as she transitioned leaving her pain behind was a wonderful gift and miracle for me.  Being kissed good bye by my aunts' spirit when she transitioned in a hospital 15 minutes away from where I was at the time was a miracle.  The sun shine today, the rain that may come tomorrow, the snow in the winter are all miracles to me.  A miracle is made in every minute as long as we look through eyes of universal love and see the profound beauty given to us by God.
About six months before starting this course I became a level 3 reiki practitioner and was already on a path of spiritual renewal and growth however the tools I have been given during this course have allowed me to adjust my life and increase my spiritual awareness in ways I never knew where possible.  I am happier as a person, I smile more, and I am more outgoing and more willing to give myself as a companion and friend.  My family is happier and my husband and I are closer as a couple.  I find myself helping others in understanding how the universe affects our minds, bodies, and spirits more often and it is easier for me to guide others through their daily troubles.  My talks with Spirit have been greatly improved through visual communication and dreams as now I can understand that these are tools and I have learned how to use them.  Over all, this course has not only improved my understanding of myself and family but has proved to be invaluable in furthering my spirituality, my natural abilities and my skills and a spiritual leader and lightworker.


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