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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spirit Quest

Spirit quest Final Essay Tools

To initiate this discussion of spiritual tools I am going to regress to discussing a need for such an understanding.  All of the things I am going to say here are postulation, my understanding to date, hence, quest, Spirit Quest. We start with an awakening of self-awareness; at this stage our understanding is stimulus and response. Next we move to social awareness, trade, getting along without merely grabbing and running or beating and taking.  During these first two stages we have started to recognize that we are able to manipulate the environment around us to our benefit this gives rise to physical tools and all manor of physical fabrication. In these earlier periods of growth we began to recognize that some things that we tried worked and others didn't, this gave rise to the concepts of right and wrong, the law and justice, the accumulation of knowledge, aesthetics (the critique of taste and technique, that which is beautiful and pleasing or is not). While moving through this growth we began to see that there were and are forces that we don't understand or mystify us these forces that seem to control both cause and effect, acting on and in a medium undefined by our physical knowledge and reason. Is it an external agent or emanated from within or both for we both seem to be in control and the out of control. Spirit is intuited and recognized, but what is it and where is it?  The quest began as time went by we began to recognize that pretty much all of the above is true, it is both internal and external simultaneously, we are individual and a part of the whole in the broadest sense. We are both in and out of Control.

The Sages through the ages tell us faith and Grace is the key to this control, a topic for another conversation. Beyond faith and grace is the word (spoken or unspoken concept, imagination) and action (ritual) "actions speak louder than words". The word precedes action. So what does this have to do with Spirit, Control and tools? The tools are the outcome of generations of listening to the word and experiencing (including observing) the out come of the generated action. This may be a state of grace.
These statements direct us to the tools, which are to implement and explore the effect we as energetic facets of the whole, can exert as a change agent on our being experience. The tools embody the word and its conversion to experience, i.e. Matter. Some of these tools include:

·        Goals, direction and focus.
·        Forgiveness, the release of previous burdens to explore new possibilities.
·        Meditation, getting in contact with the energy we have to work with.
·        Grounding, a first step in directing the energy we have come to recognize.
·        The Center of the Head, a safe house and command station to work out of.
·        The Trap Door, another look at energetic burdens and their release.
·         Golden Suns, starting the use of active movement of that energy.
·         Little sticky Suns and roses, protection Roses, Blowing up Roses, more clearing of the work surface.
·        Spiritual Hellos
·        Mock ups
·        Amusement
·        Chakra  
·        Glass Body

My favorite of these tools thus far, are meditation with grounding, bringing in the golden suns the center of the head, workspace, with the trapdoor, to allow others to leave by, the little sticky suns and sticky roses and blowing up roses. All of these tools are of a clearing and releasing nature, which it seems at this time, is what I need the most. Using other clearing tool from various different disciplines I had discovered years ago that we are many layers of energies values and beliefs that have shaped out outcomes, but all of the tools seem to have a effective lifespan of usefulness or that certain tools are useful for some issues and in effective for others. Through the use the little sticky suns I found that I could remove my energy from places or people in the distant past even of those that have been long since deceased. Maybe due to the possible simultaneity of existence this all makes some sort of sense.

As for the tools for manifesting I have only scratched the surface with little effectiveness. It might have to do with focus of direction or level of visualization, imagination or depth of meditation. It occurred to me that perhaps as our strengths in these areas develop, along with the release or our anchors and small successes are recognized, our expectations turn more to the desired outcome and we gain the faith the sages speak of, a faith with works and mountains moved.

     The quest continues on.

Rev. Gene Rapalyea


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