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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Subject: Master of Metaphysical healing

    First let me say that I am grateful to have this opportunity to be able to partake in the lesson.

    It is understandable how throughout the ages humans have lived in fear of what they do not understand. The practice of any type of healing is as old and intriguing as the universe itself. From the first person to figure out what plant caused what reaction to the hands on faith works of today.

     Slowly ideals of what is traditional for healing are changing. Sadly a lot of the indigenous tribes which have practiced traditional healing for their entire existence are slowly disappearing due to modern progress.

    It is uplifting and a blessing that there are some individuals that have the awareness that all things are connected and that modern medicine and traditional medicine can co-exist. I find it interesting that no matter how you examine true healing, it is all a matter of spirituality.

    It is important that any healer have a base knowledge of body function to help assess any treatment. However it is imperative that that healer also have a secure understanding that the soul and spirit must be treated as well.
In treating the spirit and body we can use many different methods from hands on to spirit quests, oils and aromas, even working with energy fields. I think that the most important here is that the healer has to make the spirit and physical connection of the one in need of healing. They have to make that connection for both to receive that divine energy.

     There is also another faucet to this healing triad. Let us not forget the mental aspect. Sometimes it is not always physical. Healing is also about breaking old behaviors and self destructive patterns and helping secure a spiritual connection.

It may have to go as deep as a life recall in order to understand the damages so the healing process can begin or the process may be as simple as stating some loving, healing and some type of positive affirmations each day.

    With all the things that happen in the medical world these days, it becomes ever troublesome to find some one to trust. This is even harder for those in the fields of Natural Healing. I truly find it appalling that some one would take such a divine gift and cause harm or give false practice.

I believe that in order to respectfully assist any one in the healing process you need to make sure that they are open fully to the experience. Be certain that you have knowledge of any prior treatments, both traditional and medical. I also feel that it is imperative that you get as much back ground information (fears, traumas, etc) as they are comfortable in giving. It is my thought that you can not fully treat the person if you do not understand why they came to you in the first place.

    I feel that any one making a conscious decision to pursue this path has a strict moral and spiritual obligation to adhere to the Healers Oath.

Many Blessings
Ed Click


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