Why People Become Ordained

Here are some stories about why people became ordained through the Universal Life Church and have trained through our online seminary. They readily share their stories and knowledge to help you add to yours.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

1.) a.) The Human Aura looks like a collection of translucent colors that surround the body.  The word "Aura" comes from the Greek word "avra" or "breeze."
People with auric sight, say they can see what looks like a rainbow of colors, softly draped around the physical.
This field has senses of its own which are far more powerful than those of the physical body.  It has the ability to see, hear, think, feel, sense and to heal.
One of its functions is to protect us and this is why we can sense when someone creeps up on us from behind.
    b.) We have this as a protection for the physical body.
    c.) Physical Body
         Etheric Body
         Emotional Body
         Mental Body
         Astral Body
         Etheric Template
         Celestial Body
         Ketheric Body
         Auric Sheath
     d.) They are highly sensitive and provide protection by picking up signals from surroundings, which at an intuitive level, cause us to be careful.
     e.) There is a flow of pulsating energy that moves up and down the Spinal Cord.  It extends out above the physical body, through teh crown chakra and out below the coccyx, at the base of the spine.
This is called the Etheric Spine and has its own Subtle Nervous System, comprising of filaments, chakras and all the subtle bodies.
2.) Circulatory System
Carries oxygen and nourishment to the tissues and waste products away from them.
It is the chief transport system.
This consists of the following: heart, Blood, Blood Vessels, Tubes consisting of Arteries, Veins, Capillaries.
3.) 4th Chakra
Position Heart
No. of small Vortices 12
Color Green
Endocryn Gland Thymus
4.) The Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional and the Mental body collectively create the Personality and the "Physical Aura."
5.) This is the first of the subtle bodies and looks exactly like the physical because it contains everything the body does.
Only difference being that it is the matrix in which the body grows.
It looks like a luminous, grey mist surrounding and interpenetrating the body.
6.) The Emotional Body consists of a much denser substance than the Etheric and roughly follows the outline of the physical.
7.) It is the function of each chakra to absorb the color it predominates in, to transform it and then to transmit it into the physical body via the blood stream.
8.) Rose Pink in color.
9.) It is the "Bridge" between the "physical" and the "Spiritual" Auras and between ourselves and higher plains of consciousness.
10.) We need a Silver Cord to keep our Souls anchored to our Physical Bodies during Sleep, so we don't experience Physical Death during sleep.
11.) The Spiritual Aura -
Three Subtle Systems:
The Etheric Template-
Looks very much like an Architect's Blueprint, This is the outline for the Etheric and looks rather like the Negative of a Photograph.
It provides the framework for the upper chakras and controls the activity of the lower etheric.
The Celestial Body -
This enables us to experience the Spiritual Ecstacy encountered when in a deep state of meditation or through chanting or other practices.
This is the most beautiful of all the Subtle Systems and has a shimmering , perarl - like appearance that radiates luminously away from the body, susally brilliantly illustrated around printings of Angels and the heads of Saints and Masters.
The Ketheric Template -
The equivalent of the lower Mental Body, the shimmering Golden Grid provides structure for the physical and the subtle fields plus all the chakras.
It also acts like a Hall of Records for all of the experiences the individual will undergo during their present incarnation.
The Auric fibers weave together at this point to attach the grid to the Auric Sheath.
This molds all the fields comfortably around the physical in an Oval shape.

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