Why People Become Ordained

Here are some stories about why people became ordained through the Universal Life Church and have trained through our online seminary. They readily share their stories and knowledge to help you add to yours.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Becoming ordained

I wish to share why I became ordained by the ULC.  Firstly, I believe we are all called and ordained by God when each of us decides to serve our fellow brethren in the world. I come from a religious background, raised in the back of my grandmother's Pentecostal church. 

My grandfather, on the other side of the family, was a Baptist ,so there was some discourse in growing up. I believe that if God is using you now for anything that HE has a plan for you and your life. So to my calling, I have been involved in many organizations of religion and I have found many real Christians in all churches and a lot not even in a church, so I decided to try to reach others who have been disfellowshiped or deflocked or thrown out or simply walked away from their churches. 

I want to give them a place to come and to express their views and write poems or faith articles that gives all a chance to help other's. I have been down the road that leads to destruction and back by the mercy of God and brought out to serve. So I asked myself how do I go about serving God? I got an answer when one day a friend of mine asked if I would like to go with him to a public TV class,well I got a chance to do a TV show. 

I asked God what should I call this show? I want to keep it simple and try to reach other's without preaching to them to let them know that receiving salvation is a simple thing to do if you truly want to be with the Lord Jesus. Bingo the name Simple Salvation came to me ,so I used it as the title of the TV show which numbered only four. Soon people who I knew stated asking me which church I belonged to and how long had I been a minister? I was afraid to do more as I was not ordained by a man's church but by God's calling as decribed in the book of John. 

 A young friend of my son who I did a Bible study with told me he was an ordained minister,so I asked how someone as young as himself had become ordained and by which church? He then informed me about the ULC church in Modesto CA. so I went to the site and became ordained by them in Oct.1999 I have received a lot of respect since being ordained by a recognized church. I think you ULC though there are a lot of thing's I disagree with the whole thing of letting anyone become ordained, I do respect the idea to do good to all and respect their beliefs. 

God will straighten us all out on His return. I encourage all who wish to serve as a minister to become ordained and I have a link on my site to come to ULC and become ordained them selves. Thank you Jesus for all who wish to be with you and be in the kingdom of God. 


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