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Friday, October 17, 2008

Universal Life Church

Essay by Mara Fonseca
‘Love is the Answer’

As I have meditated deeply on what captured my soul’s and heart’s interest in the twenty lessons in a Course in Metaphysics – Everyday Miracles, I recall one particular question and response that I asked and
received from Dr. Loretta Siani:

Dear Loretta:

In a weekly 'sermon' from Brother Daniel on Beliefs, he says:

“…I really don’t want to deal with you or your situation because unfortunately like many thousands of instant ministers they labor under the delusion that miracles happen…”

I found the above statement to be a quite thought-provoking quagmire, especially after reading (and enjoying I might add) your various lessons on the medium of miracles.

His comment made me reflect deeply on who I am and what my belief system is. I am the vessel of ‘change to prosperity’ through acquiring inner peace and understanding of the laws of the universe. I also believe
in the power of prayer, for it focuses me on the concept of ‘Prosperity Programming.’ (Prosperity Programming – a tem used in Shakti Gawain’s book ‘Creative Visualization’ that means having the understanding, or consciously taking the point of view, that the universe is totally abundant. Everything you need or want is here for the asking; you only need to believe that it is so, to truly desire it, and to be willing to
accept it, in order to have whatever you wish.

My question to you is thus:

Is it our belief in miracles that makes them happen, or is it our shift in perception when ‘miracles’ happen that changes our belief system?”

Dr. Siani’s response to my question was:

“It isn’t our belief in miracles that makes them happen. It’s our belief in Love and our ongoing faith that Love will prevail…”

Dr. Siani’s response not only answered my question, it also provided me with the tool for continued inner reflection, transformation, and confirmed resolution:

~ Love is the Answer.
~ When we believe in Love, anything is possible.

I have also experienced in my life that the greatest miracles occur
when there has been a change in heart. When I love unconditionally and
pray for that which will change my perception and bring more compassion,
understanding and patience into my heart, a ‘miracle’ happens.

The ‘miracle’ that occurs is that when I open up my heart and believe
that Love will prevail a true healing occurs. I no longer carry fear in
my heart, for I know that I am a vessel of ‘prosperity’. I am a child
of God. I no longer ask for circumstances to be changed in my life,
but rather to ask that my perception of my circumstances change. I look
at each challenge as a blessing in disguise, and to pray that I will
become a better person in the end. I pray for forgiveness and that
others may forgive any trespasses I have committed against them. I do not
look behind me at what has happened or before me at what has yet to
happen. I live in the moment, trusting that Love will prevail.

In summation, this to me is at the core of how miracles happen: When
we believe in Love, anything is possible. Love is the Answer. All we
need to do is BELIEVE. Ask in LOVE and thou Shall Receive in LOVE.
This has been the greatest challenge, lesson, and teaching that I have
received in this course and the course of my life. For this, I am
eternally grateful.

In closing, I would like to share a poem that expresses my essay ‘in a
nutshell’. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do:

Essential Love

You have come here to remember love,
and as you heal,
you come to be a light that
others see and follow.
They see, reflected in you,
the light of their own forgotten self,
and in seeing this,
they too can heal and be healed.
When you join with the universe.
you see yourself in all things
and all things in yourself.
This is love in its highest form --
pure and unconditional.
It has no motive,
and it seeks nothing.
This is the Essential Love,
awaiting eternally for you to
embrace it so that
you might be embraced.
Love is the guiding light,
Love is You.

--Patricia Easton Graves

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