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Friday, October 10, 2008


Wiccan Studies
Universal Life Church Essay for Master of Wicca Program
By Matooka MoonBear

While I have been a solitary practitioner for over 12 years through self study, never have I come across the style and structure of Lord Starwalker’s work. My practice has been a cross of eclectic Dianic witchcraft. So our flavors are quite different. I opted to do this study with the intention of forming a church in New Hampshire. This idea was cultivated upon my receiving my ordination. I felt it important to do some formal study for the sake of the goal being reached. My ministry would be earth based.

The weekly lessons have been fun. I enjoyed seeing different perspectives compared to my personal studies over the years. I found many things helpful such as altar layout in lesson 4 where I am supported in the idea of choosing what tools go with which elements. Many books have a strong view on this, so the lesson was validating for me.

I did not always resinate with Lord Starwalker’s perceptions on the craft. However, I can appreciate his wisdom and experience with this path. His humor was refreshing as well, making the reading of the material an upbeat and pleasant experience for me. There are many strengths in this program pertaining to it’s structure and information shared. I found the order of this quite useful. I also enjoyed his blessings at the end of each lesson.

My favorite lesson actually was the last #24, because the information on a banishing ritual used was something I have never come across in all my years on the path. The use of Kabalistic style and angels was fascinating to me!

To conclude, I am grateful for having the opportunity to have the ULC Seminary with these studies available not to mention the ordination. I feel supported on this path and guided by the universe. I thank ULC for making this possible for me and so very affordable. I have enjoyed my seminary experience and would recommend it to others who may feel called to minister.

Blessed be,
Rev. Matooka MoonBear

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