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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Four Gospels

In the discussion of the works of Luke the point is made that Matthew and Luke differed somewhat in their perspectives of Jesus. The difference discussed in one lesson states that Matthew who apparently had real time contact with Jesus saw Him acting and or reacting as most of us would. In other words he shows signs of losing his temper, suffering pangs of hunger as well as appreciating things of beauty.

Luke on the other hand did not see this regular human side of Jesus. He apparently has a differing view of the nature of Christ. He seems to believe that Jesus acted in a less human but more godlike manner in his dealings with people and situations.

This is understandable if one agrees with the idea that people want to see their heroes as Superheroes and their villains as really vile and terrible entities. And because this is so, this may explain why Luke did not want to see Jesus with any foibles or flaws. So perhaps he tried to erase any quirks or mannerisms that he felt did not suit his vision of Jesus Christ. Did he do this deliberately? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

History has been written and rewritten so many times that we do not know the truth of what really happened, when it happened, why it happened or where it happened. This seems a logical explanation of Luke’s vision of Christ. It appears that Luke may have needed a more spiritual, less human type of Savior.
Again, we must remember that the human psyche does play a role in how one accepts Jesus; how one tends to envision his
personality and how we then use that acceptance, that vision in our daily life and how we use it in the practice of our spiritual life.

Therefore whether we want a more earthy type of Savior or a more angelic, ethereal personage will influence which of these two gospels we are more apt to believe and in which we put our faith .

So does it really matter to each of us in our quest for salvation that there seems to be differences of opinion among those earlier followers of Jesus of Nazareth? If it really does matter, then does that not tell us more about our own beliefs and our own needs for understanding Jesus according to those needs? No, it does not matter one iota. What really matters is that we do believe in Jesus Christ the Savior.

By Peggy

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