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Friday, October 31, 2008


Essay: What I have learned in this course.
(Looking for the truth in the spiritual world)
My father once said to me: Son, always remember that learning never ends - regardless of age.
Now I am 54 and I have to admit that my father was right.
We live in a cruel world, lies at every corner and most of them blend-in perfectly with what we like to hear and how we like to look at things.
For 2,000 years we are being told that there is only one savior `Jesus Christ`.
Wars are being fought because we need to defend our countries.
Religious wars are being fought because we all have different Gods, given or assigned to us by our churches
who like to domain us just like the politicians of governments for their wars.
Who can you actually trust ?
We are all the same humans, brothers and sisters indeed. And there is only one God in Heaven and this God`s name we do not need to know and neither do we need to kill each other in His name. We are the ones who have given this God different names, beside the other Gods who visited Earth, self-proclaimed Gods, God's made by humans, Holy messengers and Prophets. Who is the real God? There can be only one real God in Heaven and that is the almighty God and His name is God (in English) and in another language you might call him differently.
How much do we know about Jesus Christ (New testament) and (Old testament) Joseph in fact? What about all the other Gods (whose names I will not mention now), are they fake Gods or fake Sons of Gods? Certainly not !
What about the great (Genesis) flood / And, what about the Epic of Gilgamesh (around 2,600 BC) ?
What about Moses (Sargon), and all the other `moses-like-human prophets before;
in Babylon it was Nemo (10 tablets)
in India it was Manou (10 tablets)
in Crete it was Minos (10 tablets)
in Egypt it was Mises (10 tablets)
... and have you ever sought about the ending in our prayers: AMEN ? Where does it come from and what does it actually mean ? Are we worshipping Amen-Ra / Sun-God ?
Are we really knowing the truth about Earth and Humans and their Gods, or are we just living in a great Disney Land ?
Is everything just developed for political reasons so that religion can be used for slavery ?
Religion is a myth indeed, it is not debatable nor questionable, it is divine authority.
At young age I quit religion and I found it again through the ULC, especially the Spiritual course they offered.
In the end that is all I had left, a broken-view regarding religion and belief. All there was left in me was the Spiritual belief.
It is rather difficult to build-up that belief without some help of an spiritual advisor. Then the praying, we all pray for so much, but then is it right to pray that much ? And what kind of prayer is correct ? To whom should we pray ?
Beside weddings I do counseling of all kinds and children support, visit hospitals and prisons were I meet all kind of different nationals and human characters. I do not use the cross, of course when I am forced to use it then inside my heart I think of Jesus Christ but still fighting with my inner-self then. I rather wear a pair of praying hands instead of a cross.
Spiritual belief in the (Nameless) Almighty God is my belief and I consider myself an International Christian who welcomes all Gods and all other Religions for the purpose of uniting all humans together again.
The Free-Will being given of being able to choose an religion (Universal religious belief) and practicing it as granted to me by the ULC means a lot to me and the most-high in heaven will certainly agree to that. Arguing about religion is a waste of time, since all religious books are either partially incorrect, misinterpreted and anyway are not fully proven to be correct. Better be spiritual and study about Astronomy, Astrology and Archeology and really help-out others and then you will be on the right track.
Most of the people say they are spiritual, because they do not know anything about religion, neither won`t have anything to do with it for personal or other reasons. The question is just `Do They Understand Spirituality` ? Maybe 90% does not. Rev. Dr. Loretta Siani has been a helping hand to me with her lessons, Spiritual prayers and the deeper meaning of it. Of course not everything is according my spiritual belief, what she has taught me, but she awakened inside me the deeper free-spiritual thinking and in the end that is all I hoped to happen. Reading, learning, processing and sorting-out with a clear and free-thinking and feeling mind is important in order to evolve to the next spiritual step (per aspera ad astra). No human is perfect, no book is correct but we can correct our current dependent mind (s) and thinking as long as we keep ourselves open and uninfluenced to choose a new or different way of thinking according our heart and independent open mind. Whatever we read or study does not mean that we have to accept everything what is written or being said, but without studying and freely considering a learning process is not possible.
Spirituality is something you can not touch, not buy, not be given to but only slowly learn through study and life experiences and an open mind and an clean heart, otherwise the spiritual picture will not be visible and the guideline is not there.
I like to thank the ULC and Dr. Siani for their kind support till now and I like to encourage my other Pastor-Reverend brothers here on Earth to keep an open mind and always consider the cost of misusing the most powerful weapon `Religion` in the name of our most high GOD.
Blessed are those who spiritually support their brothers and sisters.
Brother Georg - Japan

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