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Friday, November 14, 2008

Masters of Religion

This discourse covers many different topics of the Bible and the various relationships of the religions and the Bible. It answers many questions about God, the Bible and religions as well as gives us some insight on various religions.

Personally I believe as the author does that sometimes religions get in the way of Christianity and God. Many wars are still to this day fought over religious beliefs. Our faiths are similar in many ways and different in many ways but the one truth remains that most of us believe in one God.

God of the Old Testament was very unforgiving and believed in punishments. When He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, He changed to a more forgiving God. I do believe that once God knew all the trials, the temptations and the tribulations that we, humans, encounter, God became a much kinder, gentler, forgiving God. His Son experienced all that life at that time in history offered, therefore God, the Father, experienced it as well.

Even though Christ told us that the most important commandment of all was to love one another, He did not say we should disregard the Ten Commandments nor pick and choose which ones to obey.

I must admit that I deem many of the letters from the apostles are taken too literally and without forethought on the times in which these people lived. The apostles had the daunting task of spreading the Word to people who either thought Christ to be blasphemous or a lunatic or maybe some of both. Spreading the Word to the Romans created a need for a different approach because they believed in many Gods. For the Romans I think Constantine influenced them to convert to Christianity more so than the apostles.

Just as in the beginning of Christianity there were many denominations and still are today. I give credit to the Ecumenical Counsel for bringing many of the denominations to the understanding of each other.

As life on Earth continues I pray so will our trust, our confidence in God, the triune, will continue to grow. The history of Christianity continues on.

by Rev. Diane Pettit

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