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Friday, November 07, 2008


Universal Life Church Seminary
Paganism for a New Age
Final Essay by Rev. Justin Oles

Having been a practicing pagan for several years I decided to take this course for three reasons, none of which were to actually learn anything new. I took it to see what kind of courses and what quality of courses ULC Seminary offered, to reaffirm the ideals and beliefs that I had already had and ultimately as a step towards completing the ULC Seminary Program. Having taken the course I can honestly say I learned some new things that I had not originally thought I would.

After practicing for almost ten years and doing a fair amount of research on my own I thought I knew a fair amount. However, I discovered through the course that there are far more faiths and ideologies than I though and that the ideals held by some of those groups are very different from my own. Lessons 15 and 16 for example which cover the "Great Rite" brought out some differences in the way I see things as a Druid versus the way that Wiccans; of all sects, not just traditional Gardnerians, see things.

The course also brought about some thinking on my part and led me you set new goals for myself. Lesson 20, Daily Life, for example pushed me towards creating the goal of implementing things more in my daily life instead of just on the major holidays. Now I'll admit that my life isn't as easy to fit some of those things in as the authors was but I feel that I can do quite a bit towards implementing my faith and rituals more into daily activities. Some of the things mentioned are things I already did while others were things I had never even thought off.

In short, while I went into this course feeling that I wouldn't truly learn anything and that is was just a simple step on the way toward my goal; I discovered a wealth of knowledge and view points I hadn't seen before, which caused me to open my mind a little further and refreshed my thirst for knowledge.

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