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Monday, November 02, 2009

Defining Spirituality

Defining Spirituality Course
Rev. Chuck

final essay

The most fascinating part of this course was the discussion of god/God as an ever
maturing entity.   That was a completely new concept to me and one I rather enjoyed pondering.  The multi-discipline approach (science, philosophy, etc.) was also unique from other presentations so that too was quite refreshing.

The teacher had a great capacity to present complex ideas in common parlance.  He also demonstrated considerably more than a passing understanding of the
verifiable material presented.

The romp through science was a great start to this course and I found the physics-lite portion of particular interest.    I wish I had bumped into some of these concepts when in college, as the material was the same, however this rendering was far more interesting.

The section on Marx too was particularly interesting.  Again, the history was not new per se but the context in which it was placed allowed me to widen my understanding and for that I am grateful. 

Early on I surmised that the teacher of this course has (in the past or currently) a Christian point of view.   Not a denominational affiliation - but an understanding of life's purpose and a relationship with God that aligns most often and most closely to my understanding of that shared by most Christians.    He does not state that - but that is my take away.    If correct, that point of view cannot help but color the lens and/or filter of his understanding. He makes every effort to be objective and certainly at every point is sensitive and accepting of other points of view as being of worth.    For that I am appreciative.   If that is his belief, there is no harm in sharing that fact directly.

The last lesson in this course was a gutsy, personal and touching.   It has an impact.    Perhaps even a positive impact.   

While it is not inappropriate in the context of this course - a more objective and less personal ending would have suited me better.    Classroom work is different from spiritual testimony and in a classroom setting one does not expect such a personal account.

It is NOT a negative
but it is a startling conclusion to a course that begins with science, traces the philosophers throughout the centuries and ends denoting the limitations of religion on personal growth.

One final point in summation, I very much appreciated the condensed, clear and intelligent presentation of the materials and would encourage Rev. Chuck to offer a follow up course. 

Rev. Elizabeth

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