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Monday, November 02, 2009

Master of Religion

Master of Religion - Lesson 4   Lost Scriptures

a)    The Jews removed a total of 16 books from the Scriptures and produced for themselves what they considered was the complete Scripture.

The Lutherans removed 7 books from the Bible which now do not appear in our Bibles but are retained in the Catholic Bible.

Between AD 350 and 400 the Roman Christians discarded the ones written in Greek.

b)    The reasoning behind the above was in each case to support their own faith. The Jews did not want any mention of Jesus or his work and preferred to retain the rather vague prophecy of a Messiah yet to come. They also discarded some books by discrimination against some of the writers on the grounds of their status in Jewish society. In some cases rearrangements of the books has taken place and some books have even disappeared.

The Lutherans removed the 7 books as they felt they were opposed to Lutheran doctrine.
The Roman Christians dispensed with Greek books thus making up the Catholic Old and New Testaments as they are at present.
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