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Monday, November 02, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Healing: Final Lesson (20)

This course has touched me in a number of ways. Katharine's insight and spirituality embodies each technique and historical piece of information on the traditional and indigenous healers of South Africa. I found it intensely interesting to learn that there are over 35,000 healers in that country. It has made me wonder as to how many healers practice in the United States, and why these practitioners are not as recognized as their counterparts in South Africa.

I would liked to have learned or seen more studies outside of South Africa. The information in this series was (at best) limited. The Native American and European cultures that have become more acceptably integrated into American culture have long and respected knowledge and practices that apply to the healing arts. Wicca, and other nature based philosophies, have ingrained in them, the knowledge of herbs and plants that are both beneficial and potentially harmful. While there is much to be gained and given from the practice of the laying on of hands, it would seem that it is also as important to know what herbs, plants, aromatherapy, materials for ritual…etc…are used and for what side effects accompany them. One of the final lessons on distance healing was probably the most inclusive of step by step technique and what 'tools' to use in the preparation. Perhaps an expansion would be well and good for another course study.

A couple of the most important and interesting techniques that I gained from this course, is the examination of the aura and the techniques for relaxation, which are, by any other name, Hypno-therapy, and meditation. I have been able to practice these methods with my Husband with excellent results in helping him to manage his painful shoulders and back, which are a result of stress and physical labour.

I am looking forward to reviewing all of the material over and over, so that I can become adept in fulfilling my calling as a healer as well as a minister and counselor. In fact, these all work together for the balance and harmony, the health and well being of everyone. Along with the medical profession, I believe that there should always be holistic alternatives available. Perhaps America will see the benefits of partnering with traditional healers, here in the US, to allow a more fruitful and complete form of healing the body, might mind and soul.

It is my true belief, that if God has given you a gift, then it is your responsibility to hone it and share it, to give the glory to God for it's purpose and humble gratitude for its nature.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied this course, to continue to hone my own skills (gifts) and the guidance that this study course has offered, to do so. 

Rev. Krissy Mahrling-Harding

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