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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Rev. Dr. Alexandria
Assignment: Research on Different Types of Healing Practices Utilized in Uganda
Metaphysical Healing Course
Pharmaceutical Medicine
In Uganda, pharmaceutical is the mostly commonly accepted form of treatment for healing despite the fact hat it is in a crucial need of repairing, and healing due to the shortage of medicines and quality health care services is extremely limited.  However, who can afford medical services and medicines are in great danger of suffering from the negative effects of being overmedicated. 
African Traditional Medicine
African traditional medicine is the second most common healing practice utilized in Uganda. In African especially among those in rural areas where few clinics are available, most people utilize some form of traditional medicine as a form of healing. African traditional medicine includes treating illnesses by using medicinal plants and other materia medica.  Regular laypersons, diviners, medicine men, witch doctors, and sorcerers can administer such cures.
Ethno Medicine
 Following closely behind African Traditional Medicine and at one time ahead of both the pharmaceutical and traditional medicines was ethno-medicine or folk medicines.  This practice has diminished because of people migrating to larger city areas, away from the elders who possess such wisdom. This includes the practice of utilizing home remedies to cure diseases, based on the common knowledge of the healing properties of plants. Such information is usually passed down from generation to generation.  In ethno-medicine in particular, if there are people in communities who practice such healing forms, it may sometimes accompany mystical or magical rituals before the application of herbal therapy.
Due to the influence of colonial and post-colonial religious practices, the laying-on-of- hands in the Christian religion has become more widespread, and has contributed to the declining practice of Ethno Medicine and Traditional African medicine practices. This practice involves placing the hands of the healer upon the person to be cured with the intent of spiritual energetic healing. However, this practice exists among the non-catholic protestant Christians.
This practice exist to a lesser degree than the above healing modalities, due to the post-colonial practices that continue to exist among the majority population in Uganda. It consists of employing the assistance of the ancestors to employ their power to control negative spirits who are seen as the cause of the illness.  The ancestors assist the healing in gaining power over the negative spirits to bring about a cure in the patient, which is seen as exercising supernatural powers.
This recent healing practiced is influenced by the Chinese culture. It involves the application of acupressure on the feet, especially on the point that corresponds to the organ or body part, in distress and in need of healing.  This modality is most utilized in the larger city areas among the more affluent.
Colon Therapy
Being a more recent practice it is utilized as a healing modality to cleanse the colon from toxins that have accumulated in the body, it too existing among the more elite populous.
Assignment 1: Answering Questions Posed by Potential Client
Dear Mrs. Bonera;
We are pleased to address the concerns your have regarding the treatments we offer towards, your healing process. We hope we have addressed all your concerns and that we will be able to work together towards your recover process.
  1. What is spiritual healing? Spiritual healing is the practice of utilizing mysticism, spirits, in the form of healing to heal and restore balance to the body.
  2. Will the treatment ease pain and how does it work? Yes, it will ease and eliminate the pain, by dealing with the direct cause of the pain. Doctors over the years have admitted that over 70% of all illnesses are caused psychologically. This means that the brain is cause or center of the pain that is then sent out into different areas of the body. This means there is a form of negative energy that has been transmitted to the body, and it can be balance, hence erased by sending out positive energy to neutralize its painful effects.
  3. Do I have to believe in God to make it work? No, faith is not a requirement on your part to make it work. What is required is for the practitioner to have the skills and ability and transfer it to you. Belief in the power of your body to heal itself will however benefit and assist the healing process.
  4. Will it be lots of mumbo jumbo for the healing to work? No, it will be a simple process of transferring energy to the effected area, and to other parts of the body, in addition to you drinking water to flush the toxins out of your body.
  5. Can you guarantee me a cure? We do not guarantee you a cure, however we are here to assist you and your body in healing itself.
  6. Can I stop medication and chemotherapy if you are treating me? No, we do not recommend you stop taking your medication or other treatments prescribed by the doctor. We see our healing modality as a way to assist and potentially speed up the body's process towards recovery from the illness.
  7. How much is this going to cost? It depends on what arrangements we can make based on your availability of resources.
If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to address them to us. We wish you wellness, health and prosperity.
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