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Friday, January 08, 2010

Religious Philosophy

Master degree course for Religious Philosophy Lesson 13
Food for thought; Questions:
  • Which view best describes your personal relationship with nature — dominion, cooperation, or reverence?
  • How is this view played out in your everyday life? How does it (consciously or subconsciously) impact the way you live your life, earn a living, and function within society?
  • Does whatever religious faith you follow share this view of nature? In what ways do you agree or disagree with the religious functionality of your faith with regard to the natural world?
Answers by part to questions:
       1.) Cooperation, it has taken a life time to realize the impact that we have had on the environment. We are all learning to be more receptive to our "foot print" on the planet. As a minister I also look at my world and have created away through doctrine to justify my impression and impact on my daily life by looking at the situation with a reverence as well. In this way I keep myself in check to adhere to both respects.
        2.) I have taken a general interest in certain renewable energy technologies that utilize the natural elements that nature provides and convert it to our daily use, while keeping the footprint as low as possible. This is not only good for the planet but it is also good for the soul as well as humanity. As for economics, it will be a major player in our modern capitalistic culture. Again, I feel it to be a win, win situation for all mankind for generations to come.
        3.) I have found through the study of many religious beliefs that most take their responsibility to the environment seriously and they along with several non-profit organizations keep us ever mindful of the fact that we are not only the problem but, also the solution. Even though many folks have been trying to make it known for quite some time, we as the human race are now waking up to the facts and I think it is in just the nick of time. We can undo a lot of what impact we have done to the environment through the years but we are now making a committed effort to resolve the situation as well as making it cost effective and profitable in order to generate new economic stability for the human race. As ministers, we can "get away with" speaking on and including scripture to help influence the people we come into contact with on a daily basis. Spiritual people seem to have a better grasp on the outlook of this matter and can convey an active solution to the problem of communication, simply by putting their belief into action. As by living a life style by example through a conscious effort. Showing that one person at a time can and will make a difference.


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