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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Metaphysical Healing

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you.
I have been quagmired by my recurring Legal Problems and other tasks at home.
Now that these are behind me, or nearly completed, I am sending these in.
Lesson 14:
1.) Authoritarian Technique employs a "guided" way of relaxing a Client into trance for healing work to begin.
I kind of like this because it allows the practitioner to have better control over the healing and for the patient to experience a deeper level of healing.
2.) This technique seems a bit too "cutesy" for my liking. It just doesn't seem to go as deep or as far as authoritarian technique.
3.) I do happen to have one of those boring voices that puts Animals and people alike down for the count, either that, or no one listens to me.
4.) Rhythmic voices just don't do much for me unless it is Native Chant Song.
5.) This is beneficial also in my own work at times.
6.) I hope this works, although likely it does.
7.) This also seems to me not to be too effective. Just seems to be too much "sing song" for my liking.
8.) Silent Pause; now there is something sure to work.
Lesson 15:
1.) Progressive Relaxation of the body, creating imagination for deeper relaxation.
     Enhancing the trance - like state.
     The Special Place.
     Concluding the Induction.
2.) By imagining that they are drifting down deeper and deeper helps the client to enter a deeper trance - like state.
     To help people to further deepen the transe - like state, a count is used that usually goes from 10 - 1.
     The Special Place the client will choose will be one that is unique to them.
3 & 4.) Yes. People can be uncomfortable or afraid of stairs or elevators. Clients' Subconscious is wide open to suggestion.
5.) I won't be doing this part, as I am not sure what I could possibly say or contribute to this.
Lesson 16:
1 a.) Since I have already been regressed, this last life, prior to the one I am in now, was the happiest I can personally recall.
        The Benefits are deep healing and understanding.
        Unfortunately, those from my last life, that are "sworn enemies," continue to hound me clear into this life.
    b.) Possibly not returning from the journey, vulnerability and jitters.
Lesson 17:
1.) Love, healing and support, not to be made to feel that they are responsible for making themselves sick, death of a Loved One, etc.
2.) No.
3.) No matter how carefully you may plan a magickal ritual or execute it to perfection, there will always be a "40% unseen" which could affect the outcome.
4.) Growth in world Populaces, changes in food handling, increased transport of animals, changes in human behavior, agricultural evolution, human encroachment on wilderness, people living closer to animals, people with lowered immune systems, etc.
Sorry, Global Warming does Not exist, it is a Hoax.
5.) spiritual healing, positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, medical and complimentary therapies, create the perfect matrix to facilitate the healing process.
6.) Diabetes, depression, suicidal tendencies, pollution, noise, stress, pesticides and side effects of medicinal drugs.
7.) Acid Reflux Disease (GERD), causes a burning sensation in the chest, sour acid taste in the mouth.
8.) The "Shadow," consists of all te bad things that have happened to us. It is the storehouse for all unresolved emotional issues.
9.) "We create - interpret -  our own experience of reality, but to think one creates all reality is ignoring the fact that we share the physical planet earth together, and planet earth, her winds, waters, mountains and sometimes fires, will mock the human who dares to think he alone creates it all."
Lesson 18:
1.) The Healer takes a doll, cares for it, to communicate with the absent patient.
2.) I have a very special way that I effect such healings.
    I first get an image of the person through my 3rd eye.
    Then, I go to the affected part of the body, take a visualization of this.
    I place a ball of White Light Energy around the affected part.
   I visualize the healing from this energy going deep into the affected part.
  The person will feel a deep, tingling warmth in the affected part, with relief coming shortly after this.
3.) Exorcism is dangerous because of the possessing entity leaving the body of the afflicted.
     Also possessing the person who "cast out" the offending entity.
4.) Sometimes entities that attach themselves to people are just lost souls.
5.) A strong Spiritual Leader
     A minimum of 7 powerful people
     Two strong men
     A Doctor
     A Psychologist
6.) Traditional Healers live in close communion with God and ancestral kingdom. Medical Doctors do not.
7.) Witch Doctors use ibeklo to inflict illness and pain on others.
8.) In tribal life, mental illness, delusions and psychosis are clothes in terms of spirit possessions, witchcraft and sorcery.
9.) Only when the last vestige of web has been destroyed, either by Vomiting or Purging, will the offending entity be vanquished.



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