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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miracles Course

The following are the three sections that I have chosen to respond on.  From the quick to the "where is he going with this"?
I agree that Ego is the barrier that separates us from our spiritual connections to all others, including God.  In my perception the ego is like a bandage that has been placed over where a wound might or might not take place.  It gives us cushion from possible harm from the perceived world at the cost of loosing feeling and sight of our spiritual self.  In essence, the Ego is our false wall that isolates us from God.
I must agree and yet respectfully disagree with some of the given lesson on the root cause of guilt.  We are taught by main stream Christian theology that the human is an inherently spiritually weak creature.  That we are subject to base carnal and material desires and must be convinced that there is a brutal reprisal from God for having fallen to such lows of existence.  This teaching in itself isolates us from God.  From my own life's experience, the churches I grew up in taught that we should fear God, that everything we do without the heirarchy's guidance will lead us to sin and damnation.  I believe that this form of enforced control through the dogma of guilt is what keeps us from our spiritual connection to God.  many teachings are that if you hear voices in your head or near about you when you are alone, it is the work of the greatest of evil.  We first must love God without fear as the basis.  Only then can we meet with the touch of God's self which is always at our heart's door.  With spiritual cleansing done out of love and not fear, we can hear the voice of God.  I digress as usual.  I do not belive that guilt is caused by our disconnection form God, i believe it is a tool that maintains control over the people and as a byproduct estranges us from God.
Miracles are as real as the feel of the wind on a breezy day.  Miracles are generated by a focused belief in the healing powers that we all have.  In order to effect the change, we must fully focus our spiritual mine, our third eye on accepting the gift of healing that we were given at the creation of our souls.  Not all miracles are of the high grandeur that we look for as proof of the existence of this ability.  It comes in many ways, simply seeing the pain in another's soul, connecting to that pain and share in the burden.  This gives strength to ourselves and our fellow traveler.  With diligence there will be a healing, a miracle.  My brother was given a death sentence at the age of thirteen due to the ravages of rheumatic fever.  I remember the doctors telling my parents that he would not survive another six months.  The damage to his heart had been to great.  The family kept this from my brother. My brother, in his own journey, began to focus on St. Christopher for his physical salvation.  Many scoffed at his belief, we did not.  My brother not only recovered fully, his healing was such that he spent 25 years on active duty between the Army in Vietnam and entry into the Navy.  Miracles are not like a puff of smoke, they are the result of diligent true belief, in ourselves and the hand of God working through us. 


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