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Monday, February 01, 2010

Chaplaincy Studies

This course has been most interesting in so many ways. We've learned about actions, confidentiality, most certainly flexibility in our being able to roll with the situations given us as a Chaplain. I can not imagine an ordained Minister of a specific Faith may have any less curves thrown at his/her self however perhaps they might not be expected to be quite as flexible as their Parishioners will most likely be seeking knowledge withing their own Genre'.

I've learned that there are a plethora of peoples available as well as reference sources available to use for the situations that may have arisen during a visit or volunteer duty. I recently ordered and began reading a "Life situation" study Bible which has notes in it for many avenues of things that may arise, for instance if someone asks about why Prayer doesn't seem to work sometimes it has Chapters and verses for that as well as some simple modernly worded readings that are helpful for answering questions.

I have begun rebuilding my "kit" by getting one of those little cloth bags but am thinking of ordering a briefcase so it may look and seem a bit more professional. This is of course not to put on any airs however it may be a bit easier than having to dig through a bag for an item, everything will be in a place in a briefcase.

I have been Blessed to have a Great instructor and many very knowledgeable fellow students within the taking of this course and I myself hope it survives and becomes a Seminary staple for those that may be seeking knowledge and extra works without going all the way on to a full Seminary graduation due to personal beliefs or monetary situations etc.

This course does in my opinion give an avenue of learning and inner realization to ones within its' program. I have enhanced my ableness of speak with my minions around the World and opened my mind to a better understanding of what may be happening in someone else's personal life. Stop and think before you "presume" to know what someone is thinking or why they may react to a situation of wording differently than others. I heard on a Paul Harvey program once about the benefit of the doubt, if someone passes you when you are doing the speed limit or perhaps a bit more and this person really takes off and is gone down the road in a clip, perhaps they had to use the restroom. MR Harvey also explained there were obviously other reasons for gaining the benefit of the doubt but wanted to use that as a point so folks would have a laugh.

This course in it's own way has taught us to be more open within our own areas of professionalism weather Mainline religion or an avenue fringed on a slightly differing practice that may utilize other methodology with the same basic premise in mind. I myself am proud to have been a student of this area and look forward to the many more areas of courses I shall undertake in my quest for knowledge and ultimately graduation.

Thank You and of course as ever, Take Care and Be Well.

Pastor Leo Merchant


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