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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Religious Philosophy

Religious Philosophy
Rev.Fr. Andrew R. M. Manley

Q.1.) What does "dominion" mean to you? Does it entitle you to kill anything you want? For food? For sport? What about non-living natural resources? Does dominion give you the right to take whatever you want or need, and not worry about the long term impact?

A.) Dominion, is the essence of productivity and creativity. It means the ability to feed the human race, to cloth the human race and to sustain the human race. With out the ability of dominion we as the human race would not exist. But along with dominion comes responsibility for with out responsibility we again would cease to exist by exhausting the worlds resources.

Q.2.) The Chinese invented paper, gun powder, wine, and numerous other things that we now take for granted. And yet, it was the West that developed the "scientific method", and the West that created the entire "field" of science. Since China was clearly capable of brilliant individual inventions, why do you suppose the organic development of science happened in the West rather than in China?

A.) The answer to me is some what simple and that being, education and the ability to acquire and advance the resources needed to expand on the experimentation and exploitation of curiosity. The advancements of technology surpassed the Orientals  means of distribution and communication. Being intellectual in the Orient took prestige and influence to prosper but, the ability to produce institutions of higher educated individuals was made effective to the masses of all economic society in Europe.


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