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Monday, February 22, 2010

Master of Religion

Master of Religion Course - Lesson 7 - Comments
Rev. Derek Kemp

I have found this lesson very interesting and informative, being particularly interested in the views of the writer on the place of women within the Christian faith.  Many churches have moved with the times and now ordain women as ministers/priests carrying out the full duties of the ministry. Within the Anglican church, women can now be ordained and are accepted albeit in some cases reluctantly by some Anglicans.  The Archbishop of Canterbury has recently been holding talks with the Pope on closer relationships with the Catholic Church but these are always hampered by the fact that the Anglican Church has ordained women priests.  This fact is going to become more of a problem as the question of women bishops comes to the fore.

All the larger churches are suffering from a shortage of priests/ministers, even the Catholic Church which at one time had no shortage of candidates for the ministry. One of the answers seems to be to offer suitable women the opportunity of ordination to help fill the vacancies that exist more or less everywhere. Without the willing help of female ministers many churches would be in a bad way. Even the Catholic Church may eventually have to consider seriously using women in a ministerial capacity within their church.  There are some moves within that Church to try to gain recognition of that fact but so far there is too much pressure from traditionalist people in high places.

Rev. Kemp


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