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Monday, February 01, 2010

Religious Philosophy

Master of Religious Philosophy - Lesson 17 - Globalization

Rev.Fr.Andrew Manley

Q.1) Can you think of a Christian denomination that exemplifies the
general Christian attitude about globalization? A denomination that is
so convinced that they have the Truth the whole world needs that they
will go to nearly any length to share it?

A.) Jehovah Witnesses

Q.2) Can you think of a Christian denomination that goes against the
general Christian attitude about globalization? A denomination that is
convinced that the Truth they believe they have is not necessarily the
"way to go" for everyone?

A.) The Mormons or rather Latter-day Saints

Q.3) Where would you classify Hasidic Judaism (the strict sect of
Judaism that arose in Ukraine, and which is best known for their
beards, long curled payoth, fedora hats, and black clothing)?

A.) A little of both.... Regionally speaking they are a strict
orthodox sect. That would appeal to folks of the same belief. But
there religious tolerance would not appeal to say someone that was
Southern Baptist or even say Islamic.

Master of Religious Philosophy - Lesson 18 - Definition

Rev.Fr.Andrew Manley

Q.1) If you belonged to a millenarian faith, how would that alter your
behavior? If you have lived a life that makes it unlikely that you'll
be one of the "chosen few to rule with Christ", would you spend your
remaining days "living it up"? Would you repent, and spend your
remaining days preaching and trying to lead others to make the "right
decision"? Or, would you sit in the corner of your room all depressed,
and fret over what was going to happen?

A.) I personally would not put much faith into the millenarian concept
do to the interpretation as stated in the last part of verse 9, that
being: "But fire from heaven came down on the attacking armies and
consumed them."  Altering my behavior would not matter much for I
would continue to believe that the second coming of Christ Jesus will
be the final factor to the end of time, so my faith and beliefs would
not alter my action to any great transitional prelude. I except there
to be chaos and devastation abound. I would render calm and control as
order would need to be exuded and I would gather my flock and proceed
in what ways my faith lead me at that time.

Q.2) If you belonged to an eschatological faith, how would that alter
the way you live your life? Expecting the world (or age) to soon end,
would it depress you, free you to do whatever you want, or make little
difference to you? How would you expect the end to come? In a sudden
global catastrophe? As an instantaneous "act of God"? Or, in a slow,
gradual decline (i.e. will the world end with a cosmic whimper)?

A.) This question poses a bit more difficulty and thought. I already
except the end to come in my life time or after. Either way it poses
it's own reaction, but that reaction would still be rooted in my core
belief that chaos will abound. If for some reason God imposed his will
to make the event a global catastrophe then it would not matter what I
was doing, because I had best be ready for the call to my judgement at
anytime. However if it where to come slowly over a long period, than I
would hope that my actions and faith in my belief would not falter
with the chaos that would be all around. Again I would hope and pray
and offer clam and assistance if possible. That is if I have that
opportunity, Christ states several times that we will not know the day
nor the hour.

Q.3) Finally, what is your view of apocalyptic faiths? Do you believe
in prophecy? If you believe there were prophets in some distant past,
why are there not any today? Or, are there? If there are, how can you
tell a "real prophet of God" from an insane, deluded, mad man? In
other words, how could you distinguish between a Moses and a Rasputin
(remember, artists conceptions say they both had beards and even
looked somewhat alike)?

A.) I do believe in the old prophecies, I also believe that God use's
common human beings to pass instruction and enlightenment onto others.
God says that many will come in his name. So one would have to have a
certain level of faith that would be able to see truth or cunning in
ones words. We know as Christian believers that the Anti-Christ will
have all the same powers as Christ himself except for one major
difference, that being the power over death, thought I'm sure Satan
will use every form of deception and trickery to try to pull his
deceit over as many people as he can and will. But a true, faith
driven, learner ed believer of the scriptures would be hard pressed to
fall for the trap and by what I hope would be divine intervention
would lead those that God called to his side down the path towards the
true Christ in those days. But again faith would be the pivotal
sticking point for me personally.


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